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Mar 29, 2012
Berry, Alabama
Back in my Maverick days, I had a small Ford distributor cap with male terminals. I want to say it was for a AMC , but fit the Autolite/Motorcraft distributor that they bought from Ford as well as the Ford points distributor. Anybody by chance have the stock application or better yet, a part number?

Reason for the question is, as I alluded to in my other thread, I may have to change distributors if a new coil doesn’t give me spark back. I’ve got a good Ford points distributor with the right gear for my roller cam I might want to try, but I don’t want to change my plug boots unless I have to, and don’t really want to have to buy another set of plug wires if I can find that small male cap.

I know Ford used a funnel adapter, longer rotor, and a larger diameter cap on their HEI distributor, but I’d rather stay small cap if I can, it just looks better than that big ugly cap.
my amc's used a breaker distributor which were gm with the adjustment window. the last 304 i picked up may have electric, i'll try to find it.
Summit has this and one answered question said he used it on a 302 Ford.


Standard Motor Distributor Caps AL-482
Thanks Old Iron, I think that’s it!

How the heck did you find it? I called myself looking but came up blank. Guess my description didn’t fit theirs, lol!

I got a cart started at Summit, I’ll throw one of these in it.
You're welcome.
I searched "small Ford distributor cap."
Different computers bring up different searches for some reason.
They must do it. I came up with several, but all had female caps.
My new coil should be here today, gonna try that first and see if that will make sparks.

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