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Nov 30, 2009
Southern Ontario
Here's my 28 Graham Paige, 614 Victoria Coupe.

There's a long LONG way to go yet, but I'm having a blast......


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Thanks for the support everyone.......and to answer the questions;

4" chop - I'm just over 6', so I had to keep that in well, I'm hoping to channel it about 4" so I coudn't get too carried away with the chop.......but damn I wanted to........

Yes, it is very wide. Everything about the car is large. I did a Model A a few years ago, and it seems so small when compared to this thing. Keeping everything proportioned may be a task, so feel free to comment as I go along.

It was my great Grandfathers car, so it has some sentimental value.
Long overdue update

I've made lots of progress since my last update, so here's a few pictures to prove that I haven't given up! lol. I've finished the metal work on the roof, the body, grill shell, etc. I built the grill insert, fabricated the frame, and mocked up the car more times then I would like to admit! I also fabbed and installed my own front crossmember, and shaped the 2 X 4 frame into frame horns up front. I've installed a "Welder Series" triangulated four link in the rear, and also used their transmission mount, and motor mounts. I'm in the midst of building the brackets for the front axle - a 48 Ford axle that I've made mounts and hairpins for. I think it's going to look ok, will post those pic's a little later to see what you all think.

Here's a few for now....

N.B. Unable to upload pic's right now? I keep getting errors...will try again later.....
Grill and Frame

Here's a couple more.....again, let me know what you think.

I have a bunch more, just rarely find the time to upload....


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Thanks all....

To answer the earlier question - sorry, but it's SBC powered.

Ratatat....thanks for the kudo's on the grill insert. I had a lot of fun making that, 120' of 1/8 rod. I'm kinda proud of it!
Cool rod with a rare bod !! Nice to see something different, looks like you got the dirty work done already with the rust repair on the lower edge. Lookin' forward to the build [cl.
Here's a quick update on the front axle mount I've been working on....I'm trying to keep the front end as low as I can, without any scrub issues. I made my own crossmember, the front axle will travel within it, and have the spring front mounted - with the spring perches bolted into the "ears" out front of the spring brackets.....



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A little more progress

It sure seems to take me a while to make any progress.....but I'm not giving up!


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