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Thanks for all the comments's a bit of an update. Just working on fitting the floor in the car's too wide for my brake, so we had to make the bends the old fashioned way. So far, so good.


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Thanks again everyone for the encouragement, and the positive comments.

bob w - yes, I used 18 ga, or very close to it.....046" is what I ended up using. I'm planning to do a little bracing inside the car, around the seats.

Flipper - thanks, and yes I'll try to be a little more diligent with my fact, I was thinking of starting this thread over, as I've left a lot of progress pictures out.....I was thinking that it would bore everyone. Maybe not?
Thanks Rex and Tim. I used/modified a couple of "Welder Series" pieces - bat wing mounts, and also the spring perch bracket. I can't make the pieces for what they sell them for. I plan to mount the rad shell in a position to cover up most of the spring and perch.

I hope the front end works ok, as I hope to use this car on a regular basis.
A couple more updates.....front section of the floor is roughed in, just going through some final alignment to confirm everything is where I want it before I start drilling and welding......

Oh yeah, and one picture of my uncle and I....trial fit....not much head room, (as the sign says - lol, but so far we fit!)


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Somehow I am just seeing this build, I do like the front end idea, interesting way of keeping the frame lower I like it.

How much suspension travel was it designed for?
Thanks "DirtyRat"...

As for the front end travel? I'm working with 3" of travel for now...however if I find that it isn't enough, the spring is below the spring perch, so I can easily shim it for more clearance. That's the plan anyway.....
Just thought I'd give this thread a bit of a reset....per some requests for more pic's, here's a few from the very beginning....and I do mean, beginning.
The car was orginally my great grandfathers was moved into a barn, likely in the 40's or 50's, we're not sure. My dad tried to buy the car, but no luck. The barn eventually fell down, and I inherited the car in the early 80's. I'm told the one pic is of my grandfather with the car in 1934, the other's are when I got the car and brought it home. I'll start with these......


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the federal highways administration has as Graham Paige Survey vehicle

here is a Link to the site with some info.

It is a really fascinating car. I have actiually seen it in person and they are physically large than most other "passenger vehicles" of their time.

As for your build, you are doing some great looking fab work. I like your approach to the front axle dilemma. I am trying to figure out how to use my eco-line front axle and make it look slender. Yours looks great!

Good luck!
Great pictures of the car and the barn ruins....really neat to have the original picture as well.

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