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May 18, 2012
Elimbah, Queensland, Australia
Hey guy's n gals. This is one of my projects. Downunder we didn't get your beautiful 40 Ford pick up's, we had our own ute. I have always loved the shape of the 40 and wanted to own one for years. Money meant I would never have a gennie one, so I started a budget build out of some slightly worn parts, to get my own.
It started with a $150 40 ute that had the rear 1/4 removed, was missing a door, had no grille and featured lots of rust. I had people try and talk me into rebuilding it as a ute, or making it into a coupe. But a pick up was what I wanted and that's how it's supposed to be going!
When I got it home, I sold the motor and box for $100 and the door that I did have, for $60, it was now $10 in credit. Part 2 of the plan was a Jail Bar cab with doors, from the same yard, for $50. It's an ex military cab that has the gun hatch over the passengers head.
The plan was cut through the 'A' pillars on both body's and fit the JB back to the 40 cowl.
During this time frame, the last 10 years, we have moved house 8 times, so there has been little work going on with any projects, I'm just starting back at the Ford now. These moves meant that everything was stripped down as much as possible. All unnessecary stuff was booted out. The only parts of the ute to be kept were the chassis, front panels, cowl, dash and not much more.
I decided that a chop would look good, so 3 inches went missing from the roof. I did this while the cab was in pieces(as it still is) so it's only tacked back together so I can square it up when it meet's the new cowl.
The chassis has some rust issues so it will be stepped up behind the cab using 2 x 4 box section.
I asked for some measurements in the Rat Rod & Hot Rod Talk. I need to know how long a Jailbar cab is from the front mounting point to the back wall of the cab. Also if someone had a pic of where the cab mounts on the front of the chassis it would be appreciated. I rushed to get it torn apart and didn't document either of these points prior to removal.

Here are some pics to help you all see what I'm dealing with.



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I can't help on what you asked, I just want to comment that I like what you're doin and sticking to your guns on the pickup :cool:
If I get out to the shed my father in laws 47 is out there. I would have to unwrap it to check the measurements. [P
Hey guy's, thanks for the positive feedback on the jigsaw. Sorry Bamamav, maybe it's coz us Aussies are decendants from convicts, we've always called 42-47 Ford trucks Jailbars. Anyway, they have the right style of swage across the back of the cab and on the doors for my replica. I removed the swage area from the Jailbar cowl so that I can add it to the 40 cowl, likewise the swages on the sides of the bonnet(hood) will have to be welded into my 40Std bonnet.
The running gear was another bargain. I bought a 78 Holden ute off my dad for $450. We put a Toyota 5 speed in it years ago for more than that! So the inline 6, 202CI, gearbox, tailshaft, front brakes, wiring harness etc from the ute are all going into the Ford. It will be Ford on the outside and mainly GM driveline, that's sure to upset some people when it hits the streets.
Wheels are 15 x 8.5 5 slot alloy with 255/60 radials out back and 14 x 5 5 spokes up front with 175/65 rubber.
I have made a mould up for some wide rear guards(Willys pick up style) and these will live under a flat tray to start with. I may change to a box bed later and have modded some 38 Ford truck front guards to use out back if I go that way.
jfg455, if you do get a chance to grab some dimensions some time it would be greatly appreciated.

All dreams have to start somewhere and the reality with mine is that there is a fair amount of rust involved with all of it. So the logical thing was to start with the chassis. I have done some patch repairs on the RH rail, docked the back off both rails, ready for the kick up and cut off unwanted brackets etc.
Boring pics, but it's what I've been doing. I also mocked up a few of the bits to see if there was enough chassis left out the back for the cab to mount on. I really need some cab dimensions if anyone can help, please.:confused:


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I have most of my stuff stored in a 20ft container behind work. As I've been dabbling with the Ford lately, I've been bringing it home, piece by piece. The back wall of the cab came home on Thursday night. So I moched it up on the other bit I have set up in the yard. This is what it looked like. It also showed me that I will need to kick the chassis right behind the cab.



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DUDE... this is gonna make an awesome lookin' truck!!! Please keep us posted... I look forward to seeing your progress!!! [dr

G'day Oldskool, the back guards are from a 37 up Willys pick up. I have a glass mould for them, these ones are 12 inches wide. My rear rims are 15 x 8.5 and the tyres are 255/60. The wheels fit in nicely.

Well I made some progress today, still welding in rust repairs on the chassis. No pics coz it's not worth looking at. I did get the rails into the shed late in the afternoon so I can see where the the front end is going to end up.
Maybe there will be more next week, who knows.

Well, here are the rails all repaired and stripped back. I haven't gone right back as that part will be cut away when the step is put in it. There are some pit marks thru it, but I'm going to use hammertone paint, so it will blend in with the rest of the rails. Next step is to get the front crossmember welded in, put some threaded blocks under the required holes and start boxing it in.



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They had a ton of rust in 'em Stacy. I have never built from a bare pair of rails before, so it's a big job. I'm also wary of what I'm doing to ensure that I stay inside the guidelines, I want this to be my daily.

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