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Sorry for the long delay in responding, old 28. The dragster is done, except for fuel leaks at the Holley 4 barrels. The double flares at the fuel bowls leak a little. I have flared copper gaskets on order. Hopefully that will take care of the problem. I have lit it off and it seems good. Hoping to go to Test & Tune at an 1/8 track this Saturday.

While I'm waiting I dragged the Anglia into the front garage for an engine replacement. Second picture shows the awesome power of water when it freezes. Dumb guy forgot to put antifreeze in it. I have a low compression 406 that will get some very low performance 350 swirl port heads, a mild cam and not much else. 300 HP should move it along pretty good though.


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There's a guy on You Tube that posts 8 minutes of still shots of rat rods. He's done 153 videos so far. The title is: Rat Rods followed by the number. Worth a look.

I mentioned the dragster fuel leaks. The new lines weeped at the carb bowl fittings. 3/8" inverted flare. They wouldn't stop. I was about to cry. Then my friend Jerry put me on to these copper flare washers, available from Amazon. About $4 each. That's a lot per pound! But they work. No leaks.

I fired it up, warmed it up, and it ran great. Sounds louder than before. Great throttle response. Tightened one hose clamp and it should be good to go.


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Nice to hear from you again, We have all done the water deal, me on a boat motor. Looks like you got the fuel line leak taken care of, Dragster looks real nice. Very interested in what it runs? Keep me in the loop.
We’ll run at Brainerd the last weekend of the month. Then again at Rock Falls in September for the Fallout Drags.
old28, Dave is the driver. Glad he watches the site and responded to you. Lazy me. Seems like the local drag strips weren't having Test and Tune sessions from mid-July through most of August. So we didn't get out. It was so hot and humid Dave would have melted in his fire suit anyway.

Here's a side shot of it, completely done and ready to run.


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Ya Bob, I figured Dave was your driver as you had brought up his name a few times.

Bob, are you running 2x2 or 2x4 carbs, size & type? Thanks old28
Bob or Dave
Are you running 2x2 or 2x4 carb setup on the dragster?
What type & size carbs?:)

Two Holley 750 cfm, with vacuum secondaries. We will be running Sat. & Sun. at Brainerd. Last week the NHRA big show was there. So the track should be sticky.
We haven't run it since I made all the changes. This weekend will be interesting.
Thanks for the information. Two 750 Hollys, now that is a bunch of carb. Best of luck this weekend. The numbers never lie. I see that 10.99 or better. :D:D

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