I'm gonna build an altered.

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May 11, 2007
fort myers florida
I mentioned in my engine thread that I want to go racing again. I hadn't been down a strip in over 35 years but I got turned on again when I ran my 27 at the Billetproof Drags two years ago.

What I am going to build is a 1932 Austin Bantam roadster in the old school way. It will have a solidly mounted 9 inch Ford with a spool, and probably 4.10 gears. The front end is going to be a tube axle and the car will only have rear brakes.

Yesterday I put down a deposit on a fiberglass body from Suncoast Fiberglass here in Florida, and will pick it up at the Bradenton Dragstrip on 10/24. They are building it for me right now.

This is going to be a low buck, build most of it myself type car, with a simple 2 x 3 x 1.25 frame and a cage. I figure it will weigh 1500 or less, and I hope to get it into the 10's. If this motor doesn't get me there I will build one that will. :D Not looking for a record setting car, just something to have fun in that doesn't break a lot of parts every run.

I am going to recreate to some degree a similar altered I had in the late 70's, and may even paint it the same yellow mine was. My Son Dan has gotten very good at tigging and cage building, so I will get him to do that stuff for me.

When I pick up the body I will post some pictures, but this is sort of what I want mine to look like when done.


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Saw this on craigslist and had similar thoughts, but I have enough on my plate and minimal skills! One day, ...


You guys building these gassers and altereds. Keep me in mind when looking for the tube front axle. A basic straight axle, with Ford or Chevy ends is just $150.00 plus the ride.
Well Don, with the quality of work you and your boys do I'm sure this is gonna be another great build. Definitely tuned in!
You guys building these gassers and altereds. Keep me in mind when looking for the tube front axle. A basic straight axle, with Ford or Chevy ends is just $150.00 plus the ride.

Ron, I sent you a PM a few days ago about this very thing and today I called your number, but got a machine. I will probably be ordering one of those, once I recover from the body purchase and when I get close to that point.........probably in a month or so. I will also need some weld on batwings and two hairpins.

That $150 price is very fair. (that does come chromed, doesn't it ? ) :D:D

Ron, look at the black altered I posted a picture of. Do you have spring perches that I can weld on like on that car ?

Thanks guys for the comments. I realize I am doing the dumbest thing a guy could (building another car before one is done) but my Olds engine will be in the machine shop for a while and I really have this desire to go racing again. I got such a rush racing my 27 that day, and I better do it while I can still climb into a car.
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Great talking to you on the phone. Yes we have those perches like on the axle in the car, in the picture you posted.
Don, according to the Wallace Racing calculators you will need 290 HP to run 10.50 with a 1,700 lb. car and driver. This assumes everything is ideal; traction, weather, etc.

I'm sure you are aware that if you run 10.00 or slower the car needs to be built to the rule book but no sfi specs need to be utilized. Also, no certification, although there are rumors that certification of slower cars could happen eventually. No driver medical exam or test runs are required at this e.t. either.

I've seen the Red Red Wine car runs several times. Many of the runs were hairy. It handles well some of the time. Don't remember the e.t. but probably deep into the 9's so if you build yours the same way, high in front, etc. it will probably be fine at the e.t. you are shooting for.

Once I get over the butterflies, I have way more fun at the drag strip than I ever have as a show. Only problem is you have to wear lots of protective clothing and it gets hot waiting in the staging lanes.

With you and your sons doing the work I'm positive your Altered will be safe, fast and beautiful.
Ron, nice talking to you too. Finally put a voice with a name on here ! :D I will be ordering some parts from you, no question. I also want to talk to you more about the Dana rear idea you had.

Bob, that is good info about the requirements. The guy who did the machine work and the head work feels 375-400 hp is reasonable for this motor, but I don't want to spend the $500 to put it on his dyno to find out. If that is true, and the car weighs 1500, 10's should be pretty easy. A man can hope, can't he ? :)

I'm like you, shows just don't do anything for me now, but I couldn't make enough passes that day at the BP drags. I felt like Garlits.

Neverdone, I can see how some people are ok with paying to have a car built, but it sure is more fun to answer YES, when someone asks "Did you build this car ?"

Don, Just went to the Nostalgia Drags last Sunday. What an experience if you've never seen an Altered run! My favorite cars! [cl
There were a handful of Cars exactly like you're talking about. Most ran mid to low tens with a couple in the 9's
Last time I went there was an Altered running a blown Hemi. It literally hurt your ears when he made a pass. Ran low 7's!!! Can't wait to watch this build...:D:D
New build thread!! That is a neat idea, only thing I would do different if it was me, is put a susp under the rear. My late step son had 1 and I ran it 1 night. I was used to hard tail dragsters at the time and I couldn't believe how rough that thing rode. Of course my back is crap too.
CR55, I bet that was fun. Altered and gassers are my two favorites. They get out of shape pretty often and make for an exciting ride. :)

VHT, my Son is after me to put coil overs under the rear too, but I want this car to be just like the one I had in the 70's. With 13 pounds of air in the M & H slicks it tends to cushion the ride a little. Plus, less breaks because everything is solidly mounted.

I think when this is done you should go on a rat rod power tour and let us all have a turn down the track with it. I will be ready and waiting and can pretty much spit on the drag strip from my back yard..... Just saying, I would have a place for you to stay and wrench if you ever wanted to to run it down Milan Dragway.
Haha, I could be like the Disneyland of Drag Racing ! :D I'd have to have one of those Mickey Mouse signs that say you have to be this tall to ride. :p

Today was the day to pick up my new body and Richard from Suncoast came through. We met them at the Bradenton Drag Strip and took possession. He promised me two weeks ago they would have it done and they did, and it really looks good. Typical glass body that will need normal finishing to prep it for paint, but otherwise, no problems at all. I am very pleased with the results.

Dan and I dropped it off at our shop but I forgot my camera, so when I go back there tonight I will shoot some pictures and post them. I won't really be doing much until after Turkey Run because I don't know what parts I will find there to buy, but I might start mocking up the frame out of 2 x 4 lumber to get an ideal of wheelbase and width, but that will be about all the progress until after Thanksgiving.

But I feel getting the body is a big piece of the puzzle and it will allow me to move ahead now to the next step. Once I get the frame built I am going to contact Ron at RPM for my front axle, hairpins, and stuff like that.

I knew a guy that put a t-bucket body on a outdated funny car chassis. It would run low 9's with a hydraulic cammed BBC and a powerglide.

Light weight, a whole lot of tire, and a trans brake make it easy to go fast. ...almost too easy. The high trap speeds bothered Brian and he sold the car after about a year of racing it.

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