Jegs 30" bending brake!

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May 10, 2007
Central Tejas
Don't need a brake often but when I do I want to use it & then get it outta my way! So... when Jegs had them on sale I nabbed one. I made some tabs on my welding table so I can take it off & store it when I'm done. It seems to work just fine for what I need.



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I have the Harbor Freight one and have used it a lot. As long as you don't go too thick and long it works great. Great idea using vice grips. I have been using clamps and it is a pain keeping things straight and clamped. Jim
Right ON
Not all of us need the most ridged or most expensive tools do do what is needed. As long as you use them as designed.
I know, I know, who does that :rolleyes: :cool:
Tripper .. inspired i was...

found some crowd downunder here selling these .. shopped myself some of these benders,

great tool for the money even this ol bodyman reckons they are a good buy[cl[cl
I have the HF version. A little trick I use, is I have pennies clamped in to space the brake. Pennies are 1/16th inch, so anything less than a 16th, and I don't have to set it up every time. I use mine mostly on copper.

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