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Rut row!!! o_O


How is that even possible? Unreal. Jim
Big HP. Big traction. High rpm. Sudden shock. They all take out the weakest point, in this case (and probably the last case), the driveshaft was the weak point. This is the kind of stuff that rips apart chassis, busts transmission cases, and rear axle housings.

When the entire weight of the truck is on the rear tires, and 1000+ HP is released suddenly, all at one time, something has to happen. You find the weakest part. Once that drive shaft started twisting, it didn't stop until it lost tooth engagement with the transmission (or transfer case) output shaft splines and fell out of it.

It probably didn't take more then a couple seconds!

Its all fun and games until you are the guy that has to pay to fix it.

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