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BREAKING NEWS: “Temu is reporting up to $67 dollars worth of merchandise has been lost when 8 of their shipping containers were destroyed in the accident.”
I thought those things were suppose to be "water tight"? Fish them out and pedal the stuff inside. It might now be "highly improved, crash, water, and salt tested." Might even better then what was in the containers that didn't fall off the boat.
If you can gas weld, you can tig. The torch that provided the heat for tig is electric powered instead of gas powered.

Its easy!

Except I can't master it... I could gas weld just fine, but the tig I had the chance to use had the foot pedal. I'm was not corradiated enough to operate the torch with one hand, feed the rod in with the other, and operate the floor pedal as well. I could handle the two hand thing, but loose it with the foot pedal.

As I understand it, there are tig machines that do not have the floor pedal, but I have not had access to one of those, and my welding days are about done. My Miller mig and me got along very well.
I love gas welding but I hate tig. I have a tig welder without pedal. That helps but still. For one, the a/o torch is way more forgiving when it comes to welding contaminated material. Tig also goes too fast for my likings, or my circuitboard does not keep up with it anyways. I guess I`m too analog....
I started with, set the ac/dc arch welder machine to dc, touch off and go then, went to Miller 250 Syncrowave tig machine with high freak start with pedal to now I use a Miller Dynasty 200 DX with thumb control water cooled and love it.
Used to lay some fine welds, stick/Flux core mig/inner shield now a days I can't hardly see em. Supposed to have had cataract surgeries, but can't seem to get past the infection in my knee. Maybe in a few months.

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