Looking at the ole heap and thinking what I spent on it...

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Nov 13, 2007
mechanicville ny (upstate ny)
Hey Fellow Rat Rodders

So it is really really hot outside...so my shop is kinda toasty too...So I was just standing looking at it mentally adding up what I have spent on it so far...unless the engine is blown...most of big purchases are done...

All the heavy lifting is too...

I think I built this heap for less than 10K...this is a late COVID build too...prices on parts as we all know is thru the roof still...

I don't have friends so I pay full price for ever part I buy for it too...no hot rod buddies either...


So baring any huge surprises...I might actually have running and moving hot rod Jalopy for less than $10k.

Am I on track of no?
I try not to do this. I get very frustrated when I clean out the barn and see things I bought for a project that either didn't work out or I decided to go another direction. Jim
I honestly don't add up what I spend on them either. At least my own stuff I keep track of customers bills. My look at them is I build them cuz they bring me joy. Both driving and building. So it doesn't really matter to me. Honestly I think if you can build a hot rod for around that and make it reliable and safe you're doing good
I try my best to delete all invoices.... deep down I know it must be a lot. :rolleyes:
Parts are just stupid expensive but everything that comes with it is even worse.
Tools, welding gear , paint and non paint, etc.... :eek::confused::(
I start on a project with a budget in mind. After a few purchases later, I through that out the window and never ad them up again :D
I usually start out keeping up with what I spend. After a while, I end buying something and not getting a receipt or losing it, that will happen a few times, I lose count, I quit keeping purchases separate from other vehicle’s parts like when I order from RockAuto, by then I’m don’t have a clue and are probably better off not knowing anyway!:rolleyes:
I always look at what I spend because I don't want to lose more than 1/2 of what I spend when I sell it...maybe I will make a buck on this one...

So I think if I could break even on the parts cost I would be a happy man...

I am so ready to start on something else...this one is really dragging me down...so close but still so many stupid things to get done to it before it will make noise on its own...

One bite at a time...

From having finished 3 builds since 2018, I can honestly tell you that the cost of that project those last few months before we can drive it down the street is probably going to cost almost as much as everything we have spent up to that point.

We get to where we loose all common sense as we get close. All that matters is that drive around the block. Every trip to the "store" to get that one more thing we need costs $50 plus, and we might make that trip every other day. Even my wife will hand me money to get something I need.

At least that how it works for me.

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