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Rear Suspension Questions

Hey hey!

Couple questions....

Thinking about where to weld in my 4 link tabs. From some of the articles I've read.... I'm gathering wider is better? I can put these right on the inside of my frame rails around 34".

And my coil overs can use the same rear end tube bracket or I can use another and mount them outside the frame.

Any thoughts on this?

Working on one of the bed sides...welded up some holes and some indents that didn't look good.

Thanks guys!


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Any time you can space your suspension pieces wider apart will help make the vehicle more stable. With the coil overs, same thing applies, as long as they don't interfere with the bed sides. Looking good on the bedsides too [P
Thanks ZZ. I'm going to be looking at this tonight I think my options outside the frame rails would be straight up and down . Inside the frame rails I can get the 15 to 20 degree angle they say makes the truck handle better.
After I read your first line, I wanted to shout out 'Don't make them straight up and down on the outside of the frame". Then I saw in the second line that you already guessed that. Good.
When I was younger I ripped the crossmember that holds the upper ends of the shocks, right out of a '68 Super Bee, and instead of fixing it right, I made brackets on the outside of the frame and stood the shocks straight up and down. The rear of the car danced side-ways, in a squirrelly way all of the time, until I fixed it right.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks for that Merc! I'm going to install the 4 link as wide as I can go inside the frame followed by the coil overs right next to the 4 link tabs and on a 20 degree angle. Thanks for sharing brother!

Tonight I cut my tail gate up **** ton of rot at the very top and at the bottom round. Cut out the good section and put it in a 1.5 x 1.5 frame....actually 1.5 x 1.5 on top and sides and 1.5 x 2.5 at the bottom. Shortened tthe tailgate up from I think it was 23" to 18" to make room for a roll pan with vents in it. I don't think vents is the right word....

Going to put an angle on each end to finish it. cover the bed wall edge and the edge of the new stake pockets.

I've also decided that I'm going to replace the round piping at the top of the bed rail with new round tubing.... it didn't blast well and I'm just kidding myself if I don't think it's gona rust up.
Couldn't get pictures to stick....

BTW...the bed is only going to be 8" deep so I'm just going to weld it in place..........


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I want to show off a wee bit, Coup, and prove that I'm telling some of the truth. Here is that very same Super Bee, dang near 50 years later.
PS. You'll just have to believe me on the 'I screwed up once in a while when I was young' part.


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Nice Merc! You still have that gem? I'd be on that like a hobo on a hot dog!

I think we all screwed up a bit when we were younger bro..... hell I'm still screwing uo! LOL
I cut out and welded in some new 1 3/4 Tubing to replace the bed rail tops today. They weren't blasted thoroughly and as as you might be able to see in the picture the edges were rotted.


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Sorry Bob....I answered something on your post and I hijacked your thread....sorry. Can someone remove that? This belongs here:

I fabbed up a roll pan today. I'm about done with the metal work on the bed.
The tape is where the louvers will go. 4" louvers with a row of 3" louvers in the center. I thought about making a louver die but I don't have a press. There's a guy about an hour and a half from me that charges 50.00 for set up / layout and 3.00 a louver. That's 104.00. I figure that's worth it.

Need a temp x-brace then I'll pull it off and get back on the frame. I'll have a roller soon!


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Went up to Craryville NY today to see Pete Schmid to put some louvers in my roll pan. What a nice guy, cool shop and great job he did. Can't beat it with a stick for 104.00. I picked up a set of LED strips that are 1 1/16 in height and 17" long and I'm going to recess them into each side of the lower tailgate frame over the louvers


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