1930 Dodge truck, not a Fargo

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bob w

Still crazy after all these years!
Jan 2, 2008
Stillwater, MN
Some of you will remember when I bought a Dodge truck a couple years ago. I thought is was a Fargo. Bought the cab and bed sides for $400. Got a Dodge truck frame for $65. Started on the cowl today, cutting all the unnecessary stuff off and reinforcing the bottom section. As you can see, it will need patches.


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Been working on the cowl bottoms, firewall and bottom plates. Originally, the cowl was attached to the back and sides of the cab with 2" by 6" wood. Once I get the door bottoms fixed and the doors hung I can make metal stringers/rockers to tie the front and back together. Same goes for the top. It will be unchopped but channeled 4"
The windshield opening is out of square and the passenger A pillar is pulled outward, tearing loose from the cowl and dashboard a bit. I'm staring at that now wondering how to fix it. This isn't a restoration, but I want it to be decent.


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The doors need work. Got the patches tacked in place on the first and easiest door. Thought it would be good for practice. As you can see, the second door is a lot rougher. The bottom hinge is torn out. Could be a problem getting it in exactly the right place.


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Both doors are patched, with bottom sills and inside and outside sheet metal where there was none. The driver's door hinge was reinstalled. Both doors fit the cowl hinges now. Still a lot of work to go on the doors; latches, window risers and channel. Finish welding, grinding and ahem, filler.
Instead I started on the back panel, disassembling it to separate the left quarter side. Now patching the bottom. Then reinforcing with square tubing, replacing the wood.


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Thanks for your comments and for following along.

I found an interesting and entertaining builder on You Tube: "Rat Rods For Africa".

Try it.
Looking good Bob! Fixing that rusty stuff is way harder than what I did with the Hercules using new metal. But it is very rewarding to bring that old tin back to life as you've done many times... [cl[cl[P

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