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Thanks ZZ! Are you in AZ?

My wife just cam back from visiting her sister who lives in Peoria AZ.

Kid lives in a house that looks like a damm hotel....12' ceilings, 6 foot wide hallways, 7 or 8 foot high doors. Must be nice!

Heading to Arizona Tuesday, can't be soon enough, just got done blowing away 1/2 foot of snow we had overnight........
Hate the white stuff. We've been lucky just a couple light dustings.

Oh boy your leaving me alone..... the other guys will have to keep me out of trouble!

Enjoy your time away ZZ
Inner frame rails are welded in along with the center brace and front drive shaft loop. The trans tail shaft will fit thru the loop should I have to remove the trans.

The brake booster is in as well as the brake pedal assembly. I'm going to replace the threaded linkage rod with a 5/8 piece of bar stock which I'll thread on both ends.

Pan hard bar is in....just have to weld the bracket to the axle.


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First radius Rod In

OI....I do have that o-ringed oil fill cap in my valley pan.

I got the first radius rod in tonight. I borrowed the mag base drill from the shop with an end mill and it drilled a perfect hole. Put it right in the center of the bottom rail (cab rail). If you remember I had longer radius rod made from Pete & Jakes because they looked much better tied in near the z. These are 10 or 11" longer and the included a stiffener in the center which looks cool

I have my caster set at 6 degrees on that side.....I might have to adjust as I install the other and dial it in.

I read somewhere....I think on the HAMB that the passenger side caster should be greater to compensate for the crown in the road. Should I do that or should i make em both the same.


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Personally I would really try hard for 7-9 degrees and they should be the same on both side, It's camber that usually has a stagger side to side for road crown.[P[P
Both Radius Rods are in and the caster is set at 8 with plenty of thread for adjustment. I also welded in the spider web gussets under the cab mounts. You can see them from the front of the ride thru the headers which I have to buy yet or build.

Speaking of headers....All I can find are headers from Hot Heads which look kinda bland and sanderson twisters which have a cool look but not sure I like that radical angle.


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I read somewhere....I think on the HAMB that the passenger side caster should be greater to compensate for the crown in the road. Should I do that or should i make em both the same.

That may be overthinking things [S:confused:
I really doubt that new cars have different caster on one side than the other, the only instance I can think of is race cars only going left.....
Yah...sounds weird...I thought I read it on the HAMB but can't find it now. Dozer felt it had to do with camber, not caster. I set both sides the same.

How's AZ?
You can always order flanges and make your own custom headers. [;)[;)

We've discussed that here a couple times and I know I could design something that looks cool. I have tig ability on my machine and have the tig kit but have not used it or tigged before. My son is an excellent tig welder but always busy on his own projects. Maybe after I'm done with my floor and tunnel I will give it a whirl. I have a bit of a mental block on it that I have to get past.
I don't know how you'd get different caster on either end of an I-beam axle. It would have to twist. Your fab work looks A-1.

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