My 40 Dodge Truck Build - Maybe a 41 LOL

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Thanks Bob W.....Its small but its all I have room for. I've built a lot of stuff over the years in that small space.

Some pics of the new space and my welding table. Those are my girls behind the table....I know too new for you guys.

Back on the 40 soon!



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I'm really dragging this on.... but garage is done, dust curtains are in.... I cut the material and Rich from Richards Upholstery in West Milford sewed the hems & installed the grommets. Super job at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend him. The whole curtain job cost me 50% less than if I would have bought them from a curtain mfr I won't mention. I'm also wiring the house inside & out for CCTV. Almost 800 feet of CAT6 run. Getting ready for the Zombie Apocalypse! I have to sandblast the door and get going soon.


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I hope you all had a good thanksgiving and are staying healthy.... all good here.
CCTV system is in and in the mean time the hot tub **** the bed and had to upgrade the base and power. I almost feel like I'm making excuses not to get back on my build.... lol. The door is at the blaster and should be done early next week then I'll get going again. Hope to start posing some pics soon.

Hey Guys. Hope you are all well.....all good here. I'm back to having some fun... I'm on the driver side door. Finished the chop of the door frame, repairing some rot on the side and bottom of the door box, reinforced the hinge support and patch on the bottom skin. Few pics


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Little patch work on the side of the door box. Once I opened it up I found the rot went thru to the hinge support. I sliced a piece of pipe and fit it into that recess. The support was pretty rotted so the weld isn't pretty but it's solid now. Patch is in-place and I'll finish it up tomorrow.


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