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So I talked with Eric at Hot Heads today....really nice guy. Order some more miscellaneous parts. He said if I'm gona run the motor within 2-3 weeks I'm good to go with the first priming. He told me I could crank it a few times with the coil wire off to be safe.

On the rotor position although it could point anywhere as long as I'm synced with the #1 Cylinder at TDC / compression stroke a a good practice is to have the rotor pointing to the #1 cylinder which would be 11:00 on the dizzy looking at it from the rear. So I changed it whata pain. Maybe a good tip....I saw on the Pork that guys use magnet to pull that intermediate shaft and gear up. I used a small long plastic funnel and ground the bottom until it fit tight in the gear bore. Worked very nicely and I didn't have to worry about dropping anything down there.

I got these cast aluminum rocker covers fro Hot Heads and the spark plug tube covers are no longer made to fit those from Tayor. I bought a set from Summit, trimmed down the OD with a sharp scissor then ran them on the disc sander while using a plastic pipe fitting to get a nice 1.650 OD. The fit down in the bore tightly and look decent. Of course another PIA job :eek:)

I had toget a 2 groove water pump pulley and a stacked crank pully to get my fan belt out a bit cause the single groove was too close and the belt is going to run on the water pump hose.

I have my temporary rack of gauges, switches, wiring to fan, fuel pump, coil and fuel line ran in prep for the run.

I'm hoping I can run this bugger in another week or so, I'm still waiting for my machinist to bang out that alternator bracket.


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Got the Intermediate Shaft, Dizzy and Spark Plug Wires made up over the last 2 nights. Don't know why but is was very rewarding making up the wire set. Taylor Spiro-Wound, 8.2mm and a very cool crimping tool. Really put me in the zone. Another step closer!


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So the guys finished my the positive lug away from the oil pan an a lil more belt wrap. Now came the real fun...... building a lower radiator hose to work around the alternator and clear the fan belt. Wowsers....what limited room but I got it. I used 2- 45 degree bend silicone hoses and 1 - 90. Ended up with about a 1/2" between the alternator and hose, and a 1/2" between the hose and the belt. Geeze Louise...every things a project!


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Well was gona try for the break-in run on Sunday but hit an obstacle or two. First do you believe this thing takes almost 6 gallons of Antifreeze.....Holey Moley! I was getting nervous thinking it was all going into my oil pan....thank god it wasn't.

Like testing the fuel line I decided to pressurize the radiator / coolant system to check for leaks. T-stat flange had a little one, plate on the back of the heads a little one.....regasketed both. The 1/2" NPT plugs in the intake manifold little leak...took them out, teflon taped and put em back.

Most disturbing was most of the freeze-out plugs were loose.... makes me wonder if there is anything else lose on this beast. These are the Head Heads metal plugs with the o-rings. I did a search on the Pork and found some info and pictures so I knew what I was dealing with.
Drained the 6 gallons of anti freeze....arrrrg and removed the leaking plug. Found that the strong back was installed backwards. Looking at it I mighta installed it the same way. In fact the picture I posted shows how they were shipped to a guy on the Pork... Looking at that you'd think that was how they were to be installed. I couldn't confirm since HH's is closed on Fridays. OI do you have these on your Hemi?

I'd like to check all of them...they were leaking but were loose, I tightened them and they all stopped with the exception of this one. I hate to mess with them but don't want trouble down the road. I tryed to back out the next one but the metal disc is stuck in the recess. I'll try again tomorrow....I was pretty beat up.

Picture from the Pork....mine was install like the NO!

Oh yeah.....when I pulled that bugger out it was pretty gritty in there, maybe blast material? I hope that stuff is contained on the coolant side.


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I did use them on mine, worked flawless.
Pretty sure I installed them like the no pic you have.
I know they are o-ringed but, I used a little black rtv on mine.
The bar clamp can go either way depending on the thickness of the freeze plug flange.
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So I'm feeling a little disgusted..... I put that antifreeze in and pressurized the system as I mentioned. Four out of the 6 freeze out / clean out plugs leaked. I also found some grit in those ports....I suppose if it stays in the coolant jacket I'm ok, but if somehow, blown head gasket or such it could migrate to the oil side. It's hard for me to get a read on it but I may have some antifreeze on the top side of the heads, under the valve cover. I'm not sure if it's oil I haven't cleared when I put the covers on, or if I some antifreeze coming up. The rear header studs have antifreeze on them and the rear outside coner where the head sit's on the block has a spot of antifreeze on it.

I'm gona reseal the freeze out plugs, I have to change out a couple of the small o-rings. I'll fill her back up and pressurize the system to see if anything is showing up in those spots I mentioned.

If stupid things like these plugs are not tight....what if my internals are not right????

I'm going to call Spencers Speed Shop to see what they would want to pull the motor apart and go over it. I'd hate to assemble everything and have a motor issue. If he could do this while I'm finishing up and painting the frame it won't set me back on time..... except for the loot. Oh balls
The freeze out plugs aren't the only place I'm showing antifreeze. Header studs, spot at the rear of the head / block and a slight seep coming up a few of the head studs. Apparently the guy who put the motor together may not have know what he was doing so a shop that's supposed to be well versed in these vintage hemi's is going to tear it down, inspect and put it back together with new gaskets ect. Hopefully I'm not going to need any hard parts. I'm gona see the guy face to face early next week, see his shop and make sure I'm comfortable with him. Labor for tear down, run and break-in $2,500.00
Well I hate to hear ya having to do all that but, with the media in the cooling jackets and the other stuff, wouldn't trust it ether.
Well I hate to hear ya having to do all that but, with the media in the cooling jackets and the other stuff, wouldn't trust it ether.
You think it's sandblast media OI? How would you flush that out...with a hose?
I'd rather spend the money up front then risk blowing it up after it's in the finished truck.

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