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That's a nice color. I love the logo idea. I like buffalo nickles, too. Cab looks great. Have I mentioned that the step-up in the bottom edge of the cab really helps the look. I always thought there was just too much metal below the doors on these critters. But that's just me... [cl
Nice work on the cab. I agree with the others the door signage will be cool.

Nice, clean shop, too.
Started my Frame!

My steel was delivered by RS Philips this morning....what a great driver. First day back to work after vacation and I was swamped but tonight I fabbed up my first cab rail. Seems the standard "Z" is typically 45 degrees but I decided to get creative. I went with a 10" long angle. Looks bitching and more weld surface. The stacked engine rail will have a 45 to follow my floor angle. I'm really excited to be doing this and appreciate everyone's help. I feel like a kid in a candy store!


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So all of my front end parts came from speedway, all but the axle. Stuff looked decent but all in bags and boxes to be assembled. The axle came and it was a tube axle.....not an I-beam. Not what I wanted, and I should learn to read better. In addition to it being a tube, the hair pin tabs were welded at 31 1/2" which didn't clear the outside of my frame rails. I'm working on frame rails and not cross members yet so I can change the width if needed. Good part was it was all returnable.. Ten dollars a box flat fee to return....40.00

I wanted to re-order and they are out of stock on all I-beams. I should have read better but I think the sales guy sorta swayed me into that choice because they were out of my first choices.

Anyways I ordered a set up from Jerry at Pete & Jakes. What I ordered is attached. I believe these hairpins are at 36 1/2.

I have the engine frame rails done (cut to size when I settle on this motor), cab rails done, kick ups and bed rails done. Picture of some with my internal gussets for rosette welding.

I'm moving along.


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Thanks Bill. I've been sidetracked with some water damage. My new front end parts came from Pete & Jakes but I haven't had a chance to open the boxes yet. After I get the damaged fixed I'll be back on it.
Water damage fixed.... cut out 20ft of sheathing 20" high and ditto on the inside sheetrock. Turns out I had holes in my sheathing due to having the grade aprox 4" above the sill level. Rotted out the plywood over time. I would have never known since the damage was under the siding....couldn't see it. That all happened on Sunday and on Wends it hit again but I managed to keep the water out due to a temporary trench with a couple pumps. Now I have to work on some permanent drainage. Forty years here and never a drop of water in the house. So two weeks of this nonsense and no garage. Now that I've taken 5 minutes of your time which you'll never get back......

I've got a line on a few Hemi's 354's.... 2 that are rebuilt at around 8k and one that is in parts that has been bored 40 over, heads done, needs pistons, cam, valves ect at 2.5k. I need this motor to mock up / build my frame.

Does anyone have a 354 Hemi that can tell me the width of the frame rails at the motor mounts?

Thanks for listening guys

Mines 23 1/2"
Anything from 23.5 to 26 Would work 25 being ideal.
The 25 gives you a little more starter and oil filter room when using a Hot Heads 90 degree oil filter adapter.
Mines 23 1/2"
Anything from 23.5 to 26 Would work 25 being ideal.
The 25 gives you a little more starter and oil filter room when using a Hot Heads 90 degree oil filter adapter.

Nice old iron. Thanks! With my Pete & Jakes order I got a cross member that pockets my spring and it's 25" wide. I want to angle my rails so I measure roughly where my motor mounts will be.

I bought a motor today....fresh build 331, Alum Heads and suposedly built with some of the best stuff. I pick it up in MD on Sat. The guy has all the receipts and I'll have them on Sat when I pick up. I know nutin about this stuff so my engine guy friend called and got the scoop on it and gave me the green light.

Pic of what I bought attached...


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