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Mike welch

Jun 23, 2014
Hi my name is mike I'm new to the forum. Just figured this would be a good place to get some help with my build. I'm 23 and from Minnesota, my dad has always had street rods. But somehow I got hooked on rat rods, maybe because you don't need such a deep bank account to build one! Anyways I bought a 1929 ford sedan the other week. The car has some metal work already done and a full custom frame, speedway 3' drop front axle and an s-10 rear end, which I won't be using, oh also full rust free fenders I don't want if anyone wants to buy them. I've already got a chevy 400 to out in it and got a few parts at back to the fifties last weekend. I'll post some more pics when I start on it this winter!


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welcome to rrr, from bama. if you don't have to have the money, i'd put the fenders up for awhile. i have seen people build a rod one way and selling everything off as they went. to turn around later and wish they still had or going out and buying some of the same parts. i'll watch for your build.
Welcome to the site
Good lookin car.
I agree with keepin the parts for later.
I too the liberty of rotating your pic.



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Welcome and looks like a great start. I agree with keepin' the parts if you can hold out on that bit of money. You may change your mind at some point.

Yeah i really doubt I'm going to need them, I'm going to suicide the front and the rear tires are going to be almost at the bottom of the window, slammed out. So they wount fit anyways, just one more thing laying around and taking up space. Is there an easy way to see if anyone replied to my post other then finding them the normal way?

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