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Buildt the frame already, got the cab set on it and starting suspension now. Picking up a trans tonight to start with the engine moch-up.



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Hey Kurt you are really getting it put together. That chassis is very cool. Are you going to have it ready for DQ next summer? You will blow everybody away. Man I love the out of the box thinking you do. Congratulations. By the way have you started a "build " thread? If so tack it to your account so all can see it. [PThat truck is killer. Later Steve
Not yet but I'm going to shortly, need to figure out the best way to post Pic as I tipicly shoot with my phone course it's handy.

Have the motor and trans in now, seems to be going really slow though. Toying with running a set of Makuni sidedrafts of a custom manifold.

Glad everybody like the frame, it's coming out reall cool!

Update on my '36

Howdy guys. Thought I would pass along the latest in my truck . After the holidays and my wife's vacation things are back to normal sooo I jacked up the truck and put it on wheel dollies so I can move it around in my tiny shop easier.
Next I yarded the seat out because I now have the money to get my seat cover done (I hope). I also ordered some taller tires (25.6" verses 23.5") for the front. Next I will dismount the old tires, reverse the wheels and put on the new tires.
I had talked about hearing there is an adverse situation that happens when reversed rims are used with a straight axle. I did some research (looked in my books) and found what I am changing what is called the "scrub radius". I am putting in more negative scrub radius by reversing the wheels. This moves the center line of the tread away from the kingpin center line. Now the kingpin center line intersects the tread center line further away from the car at the contact patch (ground). I am hoping that the taller tires will offset some of what is described as "steering the vehicle away from the bump" (Bump steer Dah!). In essence taller tires lower the contact patch. Draw it up you will see what all this nonsense means.
Anyway just more stuff to noodle. I am going to continue on and let the alignment guy yell at me later. I will post a few pictures of my "new" interior after it is done. Later
More new stuff

Well I got my wheels reversed and mounted my new tires. I gained about 10 degrees of steering. :pI hope the reverse does not adversely affect the trucks handling. I here from more folks that it will. If it does then I will just have to "stay with it" when I drive.:eek: I have to wait until the end of this month to take my seat in for upholstery. I did go ahead and scuff the floor and paint some Rustoleum on it. It shines! Darn! :eek:Thought I would send along some more pictures too. I did a poor guys mock-up of a chop top to the truck and I think it looks best with about 2 1/2 inches out of the top. That is to much work so it will stay the way it is. The next guy can chop it. Keep working 'cause summer is coming. Later Steve


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What did the e-brake handle come out of? I need one like that. Man, the floors look killer too. If ours come out half that good Trey will be happy!
Summer is coming

Well guys I have not been on the forum because there is lots of stuff going on. The weather is warmer and that requires some attention being payed to chores.

Anyway let me first say thanks to Paul for his kind remarks about my floors. The e-brake handle came out of a 40's Ford farm truck a friend of mine scrapped and it works great. The floors came out good but I still need to put rubber mats in because it will protect the floor paint. They are getting a bit scuffed up. We wouldn't want any rust to form now would we.

The seat covers came out just like I wanted them, hospital corners and all. The "seat belts" are Army pistol belts. I doubt that DOT would approve but they are just for looks anyway. I also changed the skull shifter knob to the hand gernade.

I raised the truck an inch in the back and put taller and narrower tires on the front. The alignment came out good and best of all the reversed wheels gave me the added turning radius I needed and did NOT effect the handling at all. I am glad about that. As can be seen I still had to build a low ramp to be able to get the truck into my garage. The rockers have gotten beat up during my journeys around the area. Oh well!

I have plans for a bunch of cruises and stuff this year beginning with the Portland Transmission show (that isn't what it is officially called but that is what we all call it) this next weekend. Then the rains come.

Paul you and Trey are getting there. We need driving pictures as soon as possible. Just some encouragement and the truck is going to be very fine.

Everybody keep on building and driving your rides and I will try and more diligent about checking out the forum more often. Later

I forgot the pictures. I have been fighting my computer and I got side tracked so here are the latest.


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Thanks guys and I got the infernal machine (computer) working. At my age I shouldn't have to learn anymore. Come to think of it that would be kind of boring. Everyone enjoy driving and working on your rides, I am! Later
Lookin good

It looked pretty dam good at DQ Friday, can't wait to parked next to it at so all the people can relax and not worry about walking around all the shinny cars to see the Rats! [cl;)[cl

Man this ride is so cool!! I like it not being chopped and I really don't wanna chop my '38 especially looking at yours! Gave me some good insight on what's ahead for me!!
To chop or not to chop

Hey Xtreme:
I think one of the reason my truck looks OK unchopped is that it has a 132 inch wheel base. I took a picture of my truck and did a tracing and did some hillbilly Photoshop stuff. I found for me the chop did not work. To each his own and that is what these rides are all about. keep on building.
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Summer fun

Hey All! We have been out having some fun driving our rat. Been to a couple of small shows and enjoying talking to all the car folks.Thought I would send along a photo of some of the "scenery" we were able to view. They are Trailblazer cheerleaders. Good times and my wife asked them for the picture. Everyone enjoy your summer and keep on driving those rats.


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