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Jan 18, 2013
My Valiant is a 273 V8, automatic, radio and heater delete car. I bought it almost 20 years ago. It sat in a driveway near my house for years. I kept saying I was gonna stop and ask about it but never did.

A friend stopped one day and they told him it wasnt for sale then just two weeks later I was on my way to work and she had a for sale sign on the window. I called into work and told them I would be late. I went to the bank and got cash. He was asking 750. I offered 500. He said he was a poor boy. I said I am too but you will be 500 richer when you sell the car to me. He laughed and said yeah you are right. So I got her. She had sat in that driveway in the same spot for 12 years.

I actually bought her to get running and sell. And lord did I have reasons to sell. This car fought me every step of the way. I would get one thing fixed and another would break. I got it running then it stopped. Could not figure out why. It was the front to rear fuel clogged completely clogged up.

Then it was getting transmission fluid all over the engine. I could not figure out from where. It could sit and run forever and you would not see any fluid. But drive it down the road and the engine bay was covered. I finally figured out there was a pin hole in the transmission cooling line and when you drove it, it sprayed fluid on the fan which blew it all over the engine bay.

Then there was the gas tank. It looked like it was shot with a blast from a shotgun it had so many holes. I bought a new tank and in the process of trying to get the filler neck from the old tank I was over in the trunk pulling on it with all my might. I did this several times but it would not budge. Then BAM it let go as I was puling on it and busted me right in the forehead. Bloodied me up pretty good.

Then the first time I took it out on the road, I had a flat. 5 miles from home. No spare.

I couldnt wait to sell this evil car. But when I got her running and all the bugs worked out she became family. I could not sell her.

A few funny stories about this car.

Story #1
We were going to a car show at Atlanta Dragway. My youngest son was with me. He was about 12 at the time. As we pulled out of McDonalds he said "get on it Daddy" so I did. We came out of McDonalds completely sideways with the tires smoking. Just as I straightened up, I see THREE cops at the light facing me. I let off the gas, hit the streering wheel, and said some words my 12 year old didnt need to hear. I knew I was busted.

But the cops didnt do anything. I was shocked. Turned out they were going to the same show and they were out of jurisdiction anyhow. But later that day we were at their booth they had set up. They were giving toys to the kids and brochures. I was speaking to one of them when my friend said, "tell them what you did at McDonalds this morning". The cop smiled and said, "You were in the little red car? We saw you" I just smiled and said "yeah" then I got out of there fast. LOL

Story #2

My teenage son had a wreck. (Not his fault) His truck was going to be in the body shop for two weeks. It was winter and the only extra car I had was the Valiant which is a heater delete car. I told him he could drive it. I walked him to the door, handed him my keys, and said, "You see that car? I love that car more than I will ever love you. Dont wreck it" He shook his head and said, "Yeas, yeah just give me the keys."

Story #3

When my son used the Valiant it was winter. It has no heater. He was in high school and the girl he was dating at that time rode with him to school. They later broke up but got back together a few years later. They came to my house and we were sitting in the living room talking when she said, "I remember you had that car with no heater and I about froze to death riding to school with him in that thing". I smiled and said, "Come here, I want to show you something". I opened the door to the garage and the Valiant was sitting there. She said, "Oh my god! You still have that thing!" LOL

Story #4
I hate when people slam my doors. Got that from my dad. You did NOT slam his car doors.

Well when wife #2 and I started dating we went to a car club picnic. She got in and slammed my door. I said, "You dont have to slam these doors they shut real easy"

Then we stopped to get a drink on the way and she got back in and slammed my door. Again I said, "Be gentle with those doors. They shut real easy"

Well we get to the picnic, she gets out and slams the door but I was still in the car and I caught it. I laughed and said, "You slam my door again and you are gonna walk home" She never slammed the door again and we went on to be married for 7 wonderful years. Unfortunately we were together for 10 years. You do the math. The last three were like her slamming my door over and over again. LOL

Which brings me to story # 5

After the first wife and I divorced, I started calling my car Project Ex. A take off of the famous Project X but spelled EX because it was the only thing left after my divorce. Then when wife #2 and I divorced, the name Project Ex took on a more significant meaning. There wont be a wife #3 and Project Ex will be with me til I die, unlike my former wives.

Sorry to bore you but this car and me go together. It is one thing that is specifically mentioned in my will to go to my son.

People ask when I am gonna do something with it. I have too much fun with her as-is but one day I will...maybe.

I have a LOT of stories involving this car and good times like doing burnouts in the road with my grandson in the passenger seat while neighbors cheered us on.

Ahh memories.


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Hey, that looks like a notch-back Barracuda to me. [cl

Guy I knew in the Air Force got a fastback Barracuda and put a 440 in it. It destroyed the front suspension. But it was fast. :D
I love how stuff happens with cars .. a little luck, patience, cool tales !! and neat car .. just enjoyed how theyre meant to be .. good job ...[cl
Koool stories TireGod! That's a sweeeet lil family member!

Those little 273, 235 hp, were a potent little engine!

You got that right! My best bud in high school had a '64 Dart with a 273 4-speed... that car would haul!!!


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