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Oct 2, 2021
Eureka Springs, AR
Hi, I’m Jim living in Eureka Springs, AR. Thanks for adding me to the forum.

My project started in 1966. As a kid growing up my grandfather lived next door and ran a garage out of his house. As I grew my parents opened an auto parts store, machine shop and later added a salvage yard. He use to tell me that when I was old enough we would build a hot rod. Well on my 15th birthday I reminded him that I would be 16 in another year and when were we going to start. Well we started that day. He sent me to take the body off of a 1958 Plymouth and we would use that for the frame since it was hit on left front fender but no frame damage with only ~30,000 miles on it. That’s how the story of the “Goldcar” started.

The pic is from my last rebuild in 2000. We’re in the final stages of my third and last rebuild in my lifetime.

I completed the mechanical rebuild in 2019 from front to back. In June of 2020 I was introduced to Ron Ruggles. Little did we know at the time where the Goldcar would take us. We began our journey on June 15, 2020. I hope to have it done by my 70th birthday which will be in December 2021. Ron has encouraged me to tell the story of the Goldcar and our journey which started out as a repaint and turned into a dream come true! For those interested I will share our experience of completely rebuilding the car complete with detailed photos from the journal I’ve been keeping on our rebuilding project.


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