Not exactly a build, but a rebuild .

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Looks great, Don! Much better than the purple. I like those old three speeds myself. Cheap and pretty reliable. I just bought a good Saginaw three speed with an old Hurst floor shifter for $50.
Very Nice !!!

I missed this post, Don.
Updating the '27 is a great idea, looks good in black....
How about some more progress photos. (please :D) '22
Thanks. I do like the black better myself. I have an order coming tomorrow for some chrome bolts I needed to put more together, so over the weekend I should be able to post a little update with pix. I also dropped off my front spindles today at the machine shop to have the new bushings honed, and those should be ready tomorrow too.

The really nice thing about this project is that the car was already put together and drivable at one time, so there are no question marks as to whether things will fit or not. Just a matter of refinishing them and bolting them back on.

Don, I have always enjoyed your thorough threads man and this one is sure to please.


P.S. Go with the Hurst Cheater's for the day and stash em', they'll come to use again buddy :D
Thanks Tyson. I did a little more reading on the Hurst slicks and the 8 inch ones are only 28 tall, and I want something more like 30. I'm going to look at Radirs website tonight and see what theirs are.

I started to assemble the parts I got back from the powder coater onto the frame. I got the rear spring installed on the rear axle housing and hung it to the frame. After putting the rear radius rods in place we triangulated the rear end to the frame and after just a little adjusting it came out right on the mark. I think this car wants to be back together again............everything is going so easy. :D (probably jinxed myself now)

I then assembled the entire front end and we set the wheelbase the same on both sides, so the car should be very square now. Just have to dial in the correct caster and toe in once it is sitting on the ground on tires.

Plan for tomorrow is to finish up the front brakes and dismount the tires off of all four rims so I can have them powder coated black this next week. I am shooting to have the car as a complete roller by the end of August, or else I won't make my deadline. Still have an engine to build after that and paint the body, so a lot of work yet to do.

Here are some pictures of how the car looks tonight. Hey Gastrick, you have Radirs on the do you like them?





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Very Nice !!!

Looks great, Don. :cool: Thanks for the update.

I recently stripped the 22 Dodge all the way down and repainted
the frame and running gear in gloss black.
Big change and worth the effort. '22
Thanks guys. Dodge, funny how something like a little paint makes a big difference, huh? Bet your 22 looks great with the gloss frame. If you posted pictures I missed them, but would love to see them.

I haven't posted any pictures, Don, but will take a couple today.
Yes, the gloss black makes a big difference over the flat black.
A couple of cars at Dragfest inspired me to redo things... '22
Thanks Thunder. So how is the short term memory these days? Oh, and how is the short term memory these days? :D

Dodge, I just went to your update........WOW!!! Your modified is so very very cool, and that gloss and red pop. I love red wire wheels anyway, but everything on yours is just bitchin'. I've got a flathead sitting that I bought from Paul on here, and a couple of 35 wires in the really have me thinking about putting something like yours together.

Thanks for the update.


Hey Gastrick, you have Radirs on the do you like them?


Don, first of all, your chassis looks stupendous.

I am really happy with my Radir cheaters. Even in the rain on a light, short, narrow vehicle they have been great. Here's a tip though, for a small fee, Radir will cut an extra pair of grooves in the tires. That's what I did and I think it was worth it knowing that I would most likely encounter a lot of rain here in Fla.....but you of course already know how that is. I've been caught in a downpour on the freeway coming back from Daytona and the little ute still felt stable.
Thanks guys, and thanks Bill for the info on the Radirs. I think for now because of short time and a fair amount of money I have to spend on other stuff to get the car done, I am going to forego the slicks for the time being. In fact, Dan just gave me a great suggestion tonight that will free up about $ 600 to $700 bucks. I was going to order new tires from Coker tomorrow, 5:60 x 15's for the front and 8:20 x 15 for the back. But he reminded me I have exactly those same tires brand new sitting on the 29 rpu, and by the time I get around to doing that car the tires would have some shop wear on them. So I am going to have them dismounted from the rims they are on and remounted and balanced on the rims I am having powder coated right now. I can use that money toward the Scat crank, rods, and pistons I need to put the engine together.

I also had a real scare tonight. I mounted my headlight bar and put a couple of Dietz headlights on it to see how they looked. Then I decided to put my 32 grille shell on it to get the full effect............except I couldn't FIND the grille shell! :eek: We searched the entire shop for an hour, and retraced our steps and checked and rechecked, still no grille shell and insert. I was getting sick because the shell is chopped 8 1/2 inches and I had to send it to Dan Fink in California about 20 years ago to have a custom made insert built for it. The insert was $ 600 way back then, and at todays prices it would stop my project cold for a while. Finally Dan climbed up on a set of shelves that are about 10 feet off the floor and there it was. :D For some reason we put it up there for safe keeping and forgot we had done that.

So tonight I am going to sleep a little better than I would have, worrying about what I did with that grille. Oh, and I got my front brakes all rebuilt tonight. Just have to paint the drums and they will be all wrapped up.

Got my wheels back from the powder coater on Thursday and had a local tire shop dismount my tires from the red rims and move them to the black ones. I popped on the hubcaps and trim rings that I ran on the car for all those years, and of course had to prop one up against the frame to see how it looked. I like it. :D:D

Just have to redo the bearings and seals in my front drums and I can get those mounted and put the wheels and tires on the front for real.




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