Not exactly a build, but a rebuild .

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Very classy. I like it. You are going to be all smiles driving that car when its done.

Those are the same tire sizes I am going to run on my Pontiac. I got a brand new set of repopped 40 gennies from Ralley America. I also have the 820.15 Firestone Gum Dipped tires. Will be picking up the 560.15 at GG next weekend. Keep at it Don.
Thanks guys. You're right George, I have some really good memories with this car, and some not so good ones too, like going through my divorce. For a while the car was the one little bit of enjoyment I had during that time. We've been through a lot together. That's one reason I want to keep it sort of true to it's original condition................only without the purple paint. :D:D It was also the very first hot rod that I actually finished and got on the road. Had a lot of false starts along the way and 1/2 finished ones I had to sell to pay some bills or whatever. Yep, it will feel good to have it on the road again. :)

Looking good, Don. Once you get it back on the road you'll be able to start adding to the old good memories. :cool:
Thanks Bruce. Yep, I'm pretty stoked to get her back on the road again. As much as I enjoy the 23, driving the 27 was in some way that I can't put my finger on more enjoyable. Maybe the fact it is a stick shift, or maybe because it was my first true driver..............but I just enjoyed it a lot and put a bunch of miles on it in those 7 years.

Got a little done over the weekend, but am being held up getting it up as a roller because the guy who will be building my new 9 inch center section is in Bonneville until tomorrow. I plan to order it first thing Wednesday and when it comes it should only take a couple of hours to have the car sitting on all 4.

I did get my front end all done, brakes and all, and the tires and wheels are on for probably the last time. I also am using a SoCal steering stabilizer for the first time because I have read so many good reports of how they improve handling. It came in red, so after painting it black I got it mounted. It is not as noticeable as I feared it might be.

Here are some pictures of where I ended up last night.




The rest of the time I helped my Son Dan roll some beads in the new floor pans he made for his RPU. They came out pretty well, but will be hidden by carpeting, so only he knows they are like this.


Thank you Sam and Tiny. They are just drivers, and we doctor them up via photoshop before we post. :D:D

I got my 9 inch center section ordered today...........decided to go with 4.30 gears this time to replace my 3.70's that were in it from day one. I do most of my driving under 60 mph and the deeper gears should let the X cam I am going to run get into the right rpm range. That, and it will be a blast from a stop. :D I should have the rear end this week maybe, which means I can get it up on all four wheels by the end of the weekend.

Dan has been making HUGE progress on his rpu. The floor is now done for all practical purposes, as is the dash rail. Now we can get ready to pull off the body for body work and paint. He posted some pictures on the HAMB and I thought I would pirate a couple and post them here.



Both of those machines look awesome Don. Do me a favor. Let me know about some very small hidden detail that bothers Dan about his RPU, something nobody could possibly ever see, then when I see him I'll point it out and say " Hey nice RPU except for that...........:D:D:D. Really man, that is one perfect rod. I'm really glad to see him closing in on it.
Both rods coming along quite nicely. Good to see Dan's rpu getting closer to being driveable. Maybe he'll get to take it to Daytona.
Was that you hiding in the bushes last night? :D Thanks, but I'm just the shop sweeper. I do my best work with a can of Rustoleum spray paint. :eek::D I have to say, Dan's car is starting to look like a hot rod finally.

Hehe, in the 70's we HAD orange shag carpeting in our house. :eek: It was all the rage back then............what the h*** were we thinking? :D

Thanks 72. Yep, the progress came to a little slowdown while I was waiting for the guy to build my center section. But it showed up a week or so ago and this weekend I got around to installing, rebuilding my rear brakes, and finally setting the chassis up on all four tires.

Now I can concentrate on building the engine. I had my roller 302 block machined and bored 30 over, and this week I ordered a Scat 331 stroker kit for it. That should show up on Tuesday. Once that hits I can start planning the rest of my engine parts. I am going to run a Motorsport X303 cam, and probably Comp Cams components for the rest of the valve train. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this thing pulls..........should be much better with the 4.30's in the rear end.

So, here are some pictures of where the car is right now. It sits a little high now, but drops down a lot when the body and engine are on it.




And here is the engine I'll be building for this car.

The chassis looks great. Nice work as always. Looking forward to more updates as they happen.

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