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And they make rear seals for them now that don't leak! The 283 was a good running engine too and easy on gas! Nice score Phil!

I love the vintage smallblocks.
Put a 283 into my daughters 60 Chevy to replace the 6. Ran like a top.
And for many of us of a certain age it's all about the 327.
I currently have a 327 block on the engine stand thats got a 283 crank in it. Building an old school 301 for a friends 65 Chevelle.
Good score phil.[cl [cl [cl
It has the double hump heads but aren't there 2 different ones. Where are the numbers on the heads? I know where block numbers are.

Pull the valve covers off and on top between the rocker studs there is a group of casting numbers.
The casting number will end in 461 for the older double hump heads that are 62 cc combustion chambers. On a little later year heads that number will end in 462 which will be a 64 cc combustion chambered heads.
Neither of these heads have provisions drilled in the ends of the heads to mount accessories like, alternator, a/c compressor etc.
Also these heads came with either 1.94 inch intake and 1.50 exhaust valves and 2.02 inch intake with 1.60 exhaust valves.
You have to pull the heads and physically look or measure to know which ones you have.
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Gotta chance to get numbers on 327 today. It appears to be a 67 out of a car. The heads are the 64cc big valve ones. That's the good part. There have been not spark plugs in it for 20 or 30 years. one valve cover has been off a long time and head is pretty rusty may not be salvageable. There's a hole rusted in the oil pan where it sat on the ground in a barn. the other head looked good under valve cover. I can't wait to pull the heads and pan but won't get to do that until maybe next week. Everything that glitters is not gold.
DR Crankenstein, you mean chartreuse with envy (early 57 engine color)
327 with steel crank, 10.5 pistons, 350/350 cam, 461X heads...7500 RPM, 3/8 mile dirt track.....All of the pieces from different engines, no vibrations.....:cool:

weld on **********[;)

I have a 1st gen 350. PO said it's bored to 355. Hump heads and a .454/.454 Comp cam. Runs good.


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Picked up a complete 300 hp 327 with saginaw 4 speed out of a 62 Impala couple weeks ago that's been sittin in a friends barn for several years for $200

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