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Motor mouth ratchet jaw!
Nov 15, 2009
helifino USA
besides cool guy car stuff
what else do you like?
i am rebuilding my collection of weirdo military guns
this is the next on my list
PPS43C PISTOL 9x19mm
Metal art
Tractors (JD 450B dozer, Case 580C backhoe, Clark 5K fork lift)
making tools

Hey Billy how about a Bushmaster 1st Gen in nickel? M1A1 socom II? FAL? lol[cl
I fish but not enough! That will change soon.

Collect firearms.



I drove for most of my life, big trucks and farm tractors, but I'm mostly retired now, so the driving is less but I still really enjoy it.
Fixing and building are far more enjoyable now that I'm not pinched for time.
Mostly I fix up old tractors and farm plows in the summer.
Both Mrs. MercuryMac and I like to travel so in the winter we do some.
I have ripped a page right out of Torchies book, I've got back into music, guitar and mouth organs.
Cowboy poetry just spews out of me sometimes and I'm writing the semi-annual vintage tractor club magazine in our area.
You had to ask, didn't you billy?
Been known to work on and make knives...mostly automatics but have done all kinds from simple repairs to total rebuilds of some of the worlds most valuable knives. Work with a homemade forge and a little knowledge. Always liked unusual mechanisms and seemed to lean towards finding something that hasn't been done and doing it.
This is my version of a Kabar Grizzly...production started by Kabar in the early 20s.

My rendition of a knife made in the 1800s as a manual knife...this one is automatic...

My largest to date...named the Black Jack....23 1/2" open length and my own design to be used dual purpose as a billy.

I also like to fish...

Always worked on cars but used to do other things as well.
Black powder/Buckskinner
Restored wooden boats.
Restored old houses
Taught jazz in local High school
Leader the Big band/Musician.
And lots more......
Now it seems like my newest hobby is taking a nap.


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i also collect classic scifi and horror films 1000+ dvds
as well as weird fiction from 1920s-50s
going to start showing the olde english bulldogges
and i am going to start making classic western leather gunbelts.
them things cost a fortune and i just know i can make a great one.
when i was a kid one of my first jobs was working in a leather shop
hmm lots of fishing folks here,,, we do that ,, mainly seawater, haven't fished for trout for years, mountain bike ,, bit of hiking,, got a couple of acres - 3 alpaca ,2 mini horses firewood to chop ...


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