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One of my other hobbies besides horsepower is cowpower... haha! My my big Hereford bull is 10 years old now so I'm growing my own replacement. This is Big Bully's son who's just a lil over a year old! He'll be assuming duties next year as a 2 yr old!

lil bully.JPG

So Tripper, bull riding is one of your hobbies???
Bob, I not that sane anymore but I not insane either! I steer clear of bulls for good reason & there’s not enough money on the planet to get me on top of one! I have a lot of friends out here that raise cows & have seen some crazy big bulls that scare the crap outta me! Every bull rider I’ve ever known had a screw or two loose!

I go hot and cold with this part of my tinkering life...love these old heaps until I have to drive them on the roadways...then I sell them...but here is Dave Whitcomb...a 1948 CJ2A Willys Jeep....been in the same family since 1957....my goal...get it to run and move...

keep all the crustiness on the outside that I can....

I love the aftermarket support...and
talking to the hardcore vintage Jeep guys always makes me smile...

I might try and use this to move stuff around here on my property...depends on how is feels once I get the old guy to run again...

I think they call the newer style of these "side by sides"...
Never met an old Jeep that didn't have patched floors, and most of the "old Jeeps" around here are not anywhere near that old.
Years ago I had one with an old snow plow pump and lift arm on it. That 6" hydraulic lift sure was handy for moving stuff around.

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