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Inked Monkey

Tarzan's tatted best friend
May 11, 2007
Kansas City
Somebody started a thread on another site about their shop animals that I really liked.
When I was working on the imp today I had my best friend under the car with me. She loves to do anything that I'm doing and will follow me anywhere. She is a 2 1/2 year old pit and I wouldn't trade her for anything!:cool:
So lets see everybodies partners in crime!


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that is a pretty pup you got there. I had a red brendle striped pit,(With yellow eyes...Evil lookin) Had to put him down a while back.

Still got a bassett hound at home, the worst she is gonna do is love somebody to death...LOL...LOL...

No pics here, May post em' after work...

Heres my shop pooch...

Her name is Aerial (after the new fire truck the local fire dept. just got - my gf's father is the fire chief and has been for 20 years). Shes and American Pitbull Terrier, shes about a year and a half. My gf got her from the local animal rescue shelter.

The pic is her practicing working underneathe the car with daddy. haha

Thats definitely a good lookin' pup ya got there, Inked!


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Good looking dog dirt! Don't you just love how "mean" these dogs are!:D My dog wouldn't hurt a fly, but that doesn't keep people from being leary around her. It's pretty sad when you think about it.:(

I love basset hounds Flatbroke. My neighbor used to have two and they were the coolest dogs to get excited.
You said it, Inked! I'll admit, she has a mean bark, but as soon as shes done barkin' shes licking your face off!

We have a couple friends that have Dobie's and stuff, they're dogs are huge, dont bother them a bit. Aerial is a little tyke and they are scared to death of her.

It is a shame what a bad reputation can do to a loving breed of dog. I know our pit is just an all around goofball. Always screwing around and then looking to see if your watching her! haha
We loved our Pitt, he was beautiful and couldn't hurt a fly. He looked very close to Dirt's pup, I just need to see if I can find some pics of ours. One thing I really enjoyed was when Flat was in Afghanistan, nobody would ever think of messing with me or the kids, and if someone was close to the house I could look it him and tell! They are the silent type,if you are an intruder, you won't know they are there unitl they bite you on the rear! They are protective. I have some great pics of Poochie on the trampoline with the kids jumping around.....he was as goofy as a football bat! Trixie is our Bassett, she's fat, lazy and is always wanting lovin'.
We will have to look around tonight and get some pics on here.
Flat's shop buddie is our Tuxedo Cat Harley Earl....or Handsome Harley...LOL
Reason, you'll have to get some pix up, my gf and I would love to see 'em.

Aerial is still young, so every time she hears a door, doorbell, etc. she goes bonkers. She doesnt even want you thinking about coming through that door if you dont belong there. lol But she really is a excellent dog. Shes my first, but my gf has had a poochie pretty much her whole life.

I never understood how people could get so attached to an animal til we got our little nut ball. Now I even get teared up when I read someone on the board had to put their pet down. I never had a pet growing up because, and while my dad wont admit it, he had dogs growing up and when the last one got sick and passed on he couldnt take it any longer.
Our pitt's name was Poochie, we had to have him put down about a year ago because of heartworms, we tried and tried to have it treated but it seemed like it was getting worse and worse. We just couldn't take watching them drain 10+ lbs off of his belly anymore every week and seeing him suffer through that and not knowing if he'd make it through the actual treatment anymore. Bless his sweet heart, he was a great dog, we have lots of pics and would be glad to share. I have always had animals and Flat and I seem to keep lots of animals around the house, the kids love it and so do we, there is always something funny around our house, if it is not the kids it is the animals and most of the time it's both!
Sorry to hear about Poochie. At least his memory will always live on in your hearts.

I bet its never a dull moment there! lol Amanda (my gf) has another dog, but hes mainly become her brothers, but he is a chocolate lab and when they had gotten him, I was still dirt racing and had gotten my gf's dad really into dirt racing. So they decided to name the pup Hoosier after the Hoosier dirt racing tires. lol Its always interesting how people give they're pets their names.
Our pet names:

Pitt Bull was Poochie - got him from my sister

Bassett - Trixie - got her from my step-sister

Tuxedo Cat - Harley Earl Houdini - found abandoned at less than a week old, had to bottle feed him, used to be as loud as a Harley and loved to hide in the craziest places

Parakeet - Blue - he's all blue and mean as H***

New addition:
Kitten - Aubie - I'm a HUGE Auburn Tigers football fan, she's tiger striped with alot of orange on her, our girls found her stranded in the bushes of a neighbors house, come to find out she has 6 toes on each of her front paws and her back paws turn out instead of straight....she is a sweetie and got a bit of a firey side to her too...just like me :D
OK, git all u're shop dogs back!!!

Alright, get those shop dogs back... I don't want them to get hurt!!! This is my wife's African Pygmy Hedge Hog. It fits in the palm of u're hand but make it mad & u'll be sorry! Sort of like a really small porcupine but sweet!



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OMG!!! I love it....Flat...I want one!!;) Could you see our cats with this in the house?!:eek: LMAO!!!
It is soooo cute!
I forgot to mention my dogs name. She is Honey. My buddy in Neb paid $1800 for her as a baby then about 6 months later he went through a divorce, so instead of letting his wife take the dog he called me and I went up there to pick her up.

Here's Fred, the bearded dragon.

And Murdock, the savahna monitor

I also have Cookie which is a 4 1/2 ft ball python, but I don't have any pics of her.

Another interesting tidbit is that my buddies 6 1/2 ft red tail boa named Sangrea is loose somewhere in my house. Hard to believe something so big can hide so well.:eek:


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One more pet and all we are going to see from "Harley Earl" is where he is "Chapped"......The Hedge hog is cute though....

Inked one,
FEED FRED, he looks mad man...Very mad...
We gotta post that e-mail on here, everyone that likes cats will die laughing!!!
we've got two cats, one is weird and the other has got to be gay. one dog, three year old boxer named zeus, he is a great dog. were getting a basset puppy next month for my wife
Here’s our zoo!
1st pic – Dice, 10 yr. old male Lab.
2nd pic – Dice, published photo in last years issue of “Just Labs”.
3rd pic - Shilo, 7yr. old (we think) male rescued Lab.
4th pic – Pelakia (Hawaiian for Trouble) 24yr old Blue & Gold Macaw.



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Picture 010.jpg





These are our babies, Poochie our Pitt, in one you will see Trixie our Bassett under the trampoline, she couldn't get up there, our tuxedo cat Harley Earl and the kitten Aubie, taken this weekend when we got her.

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