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The Hoarfrost is very light so there is no damage from it.
We had a really foggy day yesterday so the crystals got thicker.
The machinist that is doing my motor phoned today with some questions and said that his chicken wire fence was completely covered in with hoarfrost.
On the way home from town today we saw this sunset but the camera did not do it justice.
Those 'V's that you see in the top of the yellow were all blue/grey shadows of the Rocky Mountains on the bottom of the clouds. This phenomena makes the Flat Earthers suicidal because they can't explain it with their model. The sun has to be lower than the clouds and the mountains to show these shadows.
The picture doesn't show the shadows very well, so you'll just have to take my word for it.


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We had one life up the other day I tried taking a picture of it also but it did not work. Crazy when the mountains shadow of the sky like that. Very nice thanks for sharing
nice clear chilly morning.
Found some ice hair too :cool:


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Dad and I went for a ride last Sunday


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view from kitchen this morning. I`m really lucky to live in such a beautiful place in this overcrowded country... :)


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