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How long are you there for ?

I'm going , no date yet , this is planned with family members who live in the UK.

Was in The Netherlands from last Friday, flew to Geneva Tuesday morning and we fly back to Amsterdam from Zurich on Wednesday, flying home next Thursday June 1. So far we've seen a lot of castles, a lot of beautiful country, the Matterhorn, and some very beautiful (and busy) cities.

Very cool!! I'd love to travel over there. Maybe someday

There's a lot of really cool scenery and history! Lots of fun!
Sun down over the hills in Gunten, Switzerland.


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Mrs Tripper took this sunset picture the other night! I love liv'n in da boonies!!!



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In CT we are experiencing smoke from wildfires in Canada. VERY hazy and tough on the lungs. Jim


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Sleeping Giant

Our vantage point for sunrises is not that good but, last night I snapped this around 8:30 MDT to our west. The mountain is the famed Sleeping Giant. Laying on his back, head's on the left, knees on the right with his arms folded across his chest.



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Not a sunrise but last night there was a huge thunderstorm to our west. It must have went on for 45 minutes or so. This is about 10 at night. look how blue the sky is from the lighting flash.



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The sun is definitely starting to set earlier, but it still looks good


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The beauty and variety of the morning and evening sky is just overwhelming.

When I gaze at it I momentarily forget about all the turmoil down here on the planet.

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