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How come the old guy has to shovel the coal, while the young guy drives? These machines are exactly why horses are now pets. Love it!
The next video of that Case Steamer shows it hooked to a dyno, the run was limited by the belt slippage but was calculated at 5000 lbs ft of torque, about 175 RPM, something like 170 HP.
What a beast![cl[cl[P
I love that old stuff. This Case is even cooler when you watch his other videos on it. There were 9 of these Case 150's made, none survived. The guy and many friends built this one from scratch from drawings provided by the Case company including pouring parts themselves! Restoration is one thing, but building a steam tractor from scratch is extreme commitment. Super cool.

I found the dyno video too, ZZ, that's wild!
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How about a propane to steam hot rod??? Somebody?

On an episode of Jay Leno's Garage, he took out his Stanley Steamer for a burn (literally!) . Being the hot rod guy he is, he'd had a new burner/boiler made to boost performance. Quite a sight seeing that machine zipping along the streets of LA, he's had speeding tickets with it, 75+ MPH :eek::cool:
Mr. Leno



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I helped a guy build a 1891 locomo. We started with just part of the engine. The same guy built a steam boat. The starting point was a raw engine casting set.

In about 2015 vw had a car that used steam in it's propulsion design.
S-D That video is quite something. Even more unreal is that that steam tractor was pulling the same plow rigs back in it's day.[cl[cl[cl

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