Super Bowl Sunday!

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May 10, 2007
Central Tejas
Party on!!!
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Not a fan much anymore on professional sports. It's become too political with actions like kneeling for the National anthem and issues about million dollar paychecks for playing a game. I'd rather watch kids playing little league or sand lot football!
Yeah, I’m no longer into sports either. Too much money. Don’t watch racing anymore except drag racing. NHRA, NPK, Street Outlaws. Even with the improvised drama on some of the shows, the racing is still pretty good.
I'm not a sports guy....either is the wife but she likes to watch the SB mostly for the commercials which I thought stunk this year. Very hard for me to get into the game but the OT part of the game had me on the edge of my chair so to speak......I was laying down LOL

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