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May 10, 2007
Central Tejas
We're in Houston for Mrs Tripper's company party! We pulled up to a really busy intersection & I realized there were more cars waiting at the light than are in the lil town where we live now...haha!!! Still glad to be outta this hell hole!

i hear you tripper. i grew up there and had no problems getting around houston even in rush hour. been in bama for 38 years and never want to go back to houston.
I've been to Houston a lot for work and was in Dallas just a few weeks ago. I liked Dallas better, but I find the traffic of both cities absurd. I don't have to build my life around traffic where I live, and that's a part of the reason I live where I do. Pass on the massive cities for me.
Ha Ha, That's funny Bob..but not so much. A shame really. Living in a small town for years our favorite activities as tourist is to walk big cities. My wife and I have done about 10 of them, Manhattan, Portland and San Francisco being our favorites. We stopped a few years ago though as they've all turned into poop holes.
Me Wife retired 2 weeks ago and I retired a couple years back but have gone back to work part time. My Wife started a consulting company and works 2.5 days a week. We plan to do this for maybe 1 to 2 years and then get our of this rat race area. Hate it takes us an hour to go 15 miles on a weekend. This time of year it is worse as is summer. I want so bad to grab a few acres in the woods with a nice cabin. Jim

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