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hotrod fozzie

Nov 23, 2013
Lancaster, Ohio
Hey all starting a t bucket build( fiberglass body) what are some good recommendations for seats since I cant afford $300 for bomber seats, is there a certain kind of bucket seats from another car that work well?? trying to build a nice cruiser with some traditional flavor if that makes sense?? ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED
call on 'dr google'

my parts chaser has a mistubishi bench that has has bucket seat adjust backrest. basically 3 different seats put together ...

options are eendless
Congrats on getting started on your new toy. [cl

Depending on the width of your cockpit, a 3rd row seat from a Suburban might work. Early ones have the thinnest backs. Later ones are plusher and likely more comfortable. I am using an early one in my 39 Ford PU.

For buckets, there are a gazillion import cars with small seats. Older British cars have nice looking seats, but they are nearly as expensive as bomber seats sometimes.

Head out to your pick-n-pull and look around. Take your measuring tape with you, and your notes on the space they will have to fit in. Also, take note of the type of runners on the seats you are considering. Some are easier to adapt than others.
didn't someone on here use an old leather sofa and build plywood and webbing seats a few years back? It looked professional and they had almost nothing in it. I really liked the idea...and the price. [cl
Jump on C list and search for bar stool
The following were less than a Franklin


This is a Chevy Tracker rear seat, Suzuki Samurai is the same.

The bracket I fab'd to bolt it in.

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