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Jul 4, 2012
Lady Lake, FL
I have a th 400 that came out of an rv and I want to make it so I can stay in a gear with out it shifting what do I need to do? Will a shift kit fix that or do I have to buy a whole new valve body?
this transgo 400-3 kit is the best out there, relies on high flow, not extreme pressure
to shift hard and fast. if you leave out the clips from the governor it will shift automatically, if you put the clips in the governor, it will be a full manual shift.

I ran this kit in a drag car for many years, trans lasted forever.

So the kit will come with the clips and does the kit explain this option?
yes and yes, transgo shift kits are the best on the market.

it will retain the stock shift pattern, when the clips are left out of the governor, it will shift for itself when placed in Drive, and when starting out in 1st gear manually it will stay in each gear until you move the shifter.

with the clips installed, it is a FULL manual transmission, you pick the gear and it stays there til you shift.

you need to order 400-3,

not 400-1 or 400-2, as they don't include the governor clips.
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BlueNorther is correct, Transgo makes the best kits in the world. I've tried others and Transgo make the best.

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