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Need a few more of them run over here in FL. They are taking over all sorts of land and are reproducing faster than we can knock 'em off.

It's actually epidemic proportions as they are steadily moving north also and have started showing up as far north as Nebraska.

Here's the way to hunt hogs.

Ya gotta watch it all, gets better at the end. The one guy is just badazz, guy shooting from the left rear. Not sure what gun, maybe 50 Blackout?
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There are a lot of people that think that is animal cruelty but they need to read the data on wild hog populations and the reproduction rate of them. They also don't realize the millions of dollars lost in agricultural distruction.

There is a guy in west Texas that flys a small single seat chopper alone and does his own shooting with a 10 ga. shot gun. My father in law hires him twice a year to fly his country. It's amazing how many ferrow hogs he kills. Then he comes back after the dead hog gathering and shoot coyotes on the carcasses that aren't picked up.

Kinda reminds me of Viet Nam. That's a whole different flash from the past.
some pics from the carpark at this years swap meet..

stunning 'Vette we saw in town BB and 4 speed


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After a week of detective work the land owner was located, left a message on Wednesday, he called me back yesterday. We discussed the IHC and he said I am at least the 20th person to say they want it in the last 15 years, but no one has ever come to get it :eek: I told him that won't be a problem this time. As soon as it dries out a bit it will be coming home. :D

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