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Don't know if this counts as traffic pics. When we were in Lethbridge Ab. this weekend I was introduces to this really cool couple who are car crazy. Like an idiot I left my phone with the wife cuz it was call forwarded for work any how, but I got to go through their garage,( which by the way their house sits on top of ). The coolest car cave I have ever seen, the list of cars is crazy her's first vehicle her dad and she build and she has kept, an 81 Chev short box chopped and dropped, a 65 Falcon Gasser picture to follow (off the net) His 32 Duece the yellow one next to the Falcon. 55 Chevy 2 dr. 64 Chevy panel, 37 Dodge 1 ton amazing patina on the building board. And almost every square inch of wall space has hand painted performance logos painted on them ( Thrush, Headman, Hooker, etc) Amazing.

Okay Guys what would you do with a panel like the this, all I'm seeing is a late model suburban 4X4 frame with tall tires. and I'm not really into that look.[S
Well... since you asked... I see it laid out using a MII , Dakota, or S10
clip. Air ride and either 20's or tall skinny's maybe white's. Probably
remove that box on top or.. make a luggage rack . Drive train of your
choice...if it were mine I have a nice little 500 caddy that would fit nicely...;)
anyway you decide to go I'll be along for the ride...[P[P
That looks like a 1-ton of something. Longer box. I'd take a couple feet out of the middle, and then about 4 inches off the top. Then it would be ready to slam it into the weeds.


Use the front and rear pieces of the Suburban frame/suspension and add them to the existing frame. Z them a bit for a lower stance and use more normal size tires and wheels. You get the 4x4 capability with the lower stance. I was going to do this with a 56 Chevy 1-ton panel I once had. Beck when time and money were not as readily available. Had to sell it.
I'm not into the 4x4 thing either. (Don't get me wrong, I like 4wd and I have a couple, but big ridiculous trucks are everywhere 'round here and I'm tired of them.)

What kind of shape is the frame in, Dozer? Can you use it? I'd consider a C10 or C20 donor. The front suspension bolts into those trucks and shouldn't be hard to adapt to the 'binder frame, depending on the measurements. I'm thinking '73 -'87 GM trucks and the farms are littered with them... find one and use everything, front suspension, rear suspension, trans cross member, brake system, steering column, etc., etc...

Lots of old trucks built with the Blazer, K10 and suburban axles. They never look quite right because the axles are too wide.
I'm actually trying to decide what axles to use under my tonner panel. Scout are the right width for 4x4. Jeep wagoneer might be too. I am kinda leaning toward a 60 F250 for axle/springs. Only an inch wider and I can get the axle dropped, easy to fab disc brakes. And just score a couple 429s so I'm leaning toward a 429/c6.

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