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Jul 16, 2011
On our project, we both have to come to a consensus of some sort before we make a design change/plan. I got the go-ahead to cover the top of the console with leather (maybe faux leather). I need to have a plan for exactly how to go about this before I commit.... the main thing holding me back is what to do about the cubby I built in the console. I lined the bottom of the cubby with veneer/epoxy glaze - but I can't decide the best way to go about lining the SIDES of the cubby w/o having leather edges showing. In a perfect world, I would have a garnish molding for it - but since this is custom, no garnish molding exists, haha. Any ideas for covering this with no edges showing in the cubby?

Make a garnish. Twenty-some years ago, I worked for a boat manufacturer and we used something like this to trim out a "rough hole"...


Sorry, I can't find a good picture and the piece shown is upside down, but it's easily formed by hand... long leg on the vertical, short leg on the flat top edge.


I had thought of something like that - but we don't have a TIG to join the ends :( I might buy something like that in steel to make a bezel/garnish if I can't think of something else....

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