1928-1930 Ford 2 door sedan measurements

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rainbow lungs

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Mar 8, 2012
Looking for some good measuremenst for a Ford Ford 2 door sedan of the door openings from someone who has their's all completed.

Would like the measurements of

Bottom of door open
top of door opening
center of door opening at door latch
cross measurement from bottom left to right top in the corners
cross measurement from bottom right to top left in the corners

Thanks Lungs
Sam I believe that may do it until I run accross one and I can grab some more measurements. You building one?

There are two Ford bodies built in the 29-31 period, both dimensionally different from one another. One is a Briggs body (the more common) and the other is a Murray body. I would guess you are talking about Briggs, but you need to be sure.

I didn't think Briggs or Murray made anything but 4doors?

How about this?
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