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Sep 4, 2015
Saskatchewan Can.
Hello to everyone, just got signed up and introduced my self in the intoductions thread. Here is my build, Picked up a 29 Essex 3 window coupe that the P/O cut the rumble seat off of, hence the pick-up version here it is when it arrived at home for $250.

My origonal plan was plan was to use a IHC straight front axle, but found there wasn't much for parts available to convert it to disc brakes.

August 22 I brought home 48 feet of 2x4" tubing to start on the frame.

I found a 1970 Ford Galaxie 9"diff complete in real good shape and a 1954 F100 straight axle as well as the hood from a 58 IHC ( to close in the roof) for $100.
Air bags arrived $200 Canadian for 4 landed.

Found a 1967 283 and Powerglide to help with the set up, motor uses lots of oil but the tranny is solid, I have since found a good 350 4 bolt main to use, Should I use the Powerglide or look for a turbo 350 or 400?

Currently working on the front suspension, building a variant of the Cen-Pen one I found on line, will post some pictures as soon as I can.
That is just cool as heck! Into it cheap to start, which is always a good thing. Looks like yet another cool build to watch unfold ... Hooray! :D
Thanks sixty8c10 and Tripper, waiting for parts to come in to carry on with the front suspension install and to ask further questions[S
I love it!

Nice work ! I agree "Kool" covers it pretty nicely. If steel could talk, I wonder what stories, that body could tell? [cl
Nice work ! I agree "Kool" covers it pretty nicely. If steel could talk, I wonder what stories, that body could tell? [cl

Thanks Kermit, I'm sure they would not be good stories. The last 15 years it sat in a shed under cover at least, before that was 40+ years in an unknown field. Why the rumble seat was cut off I don't know, but it should make a good little pick-up. Speaking of that I got a line on a late 40's early 50's F100 short box complete with tailgate, for $0:cool:
Thanks guys. No progress to report, made a 9.5 hour drive to visit family for the weekend. Did end up finding my 350 turbo trans for $0 in trade for the powerglide on my set up motor. Also got another person totally hooked on building an RR:cool:

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