1951 Ford F1

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The truck looks great dmw. It came out really nice. Don't overdose on fair food and don't forget your camera when you go to the Mopar show.
Thanks Gastrick, I survived the Fair Food. Always some great fried food there. I'll make sure to take lots of photos they're also having Hot Rods and Customs there also.

Truck looks great. I like your engine choice. The garage art is awesome.
Thanks Todd, you checkin out my signed Linda Vaughn poster! :D

looks great Dmw.. have fun on vacation, you'll be rarin' to go when ya get back and get after those millon things that still need to get done..:)
I wished I could just stay home for a week and just finish it.
Got a little more done today got one carb rebuilt. I removed the choke since this is an end carb. Not as bad as thought it would be but lets wait to see if it works. Spray it with Eastwood Carb Finish in Bronze. 1 down 2 to go.


Found this tag and put it on my "shifter knob".


Cut out a place for the licence plate and light. I'll make some sort of box for the plate.


Here's my wiring mess. I bought an 8 circuit harness to use.


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Did a little bit on the truck this afternoon. I got the wires sorted out and put wire looms on them. Every time I go to the wrecking yard a grab a bunch of the loom, connectors and mounts.


Mounted the fuse box to the inside firewall after I installed the "Peel and Seal" roof sealant on the firewall. It was $12 a roll 6" X 24'.


Bent up a recess for the licence plate and light.


I'm going use the old horns off my Studebaker. I've heard they will work OK with 12 volts just louder than 6 volts. Thought they would look good. out in the open.

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Hey DMW did you happen to go to the truck race there in new hampsire?

Yes, the truck race, the modified race and the Sprint cup race. Modifieds were my favorite. Beautiful track and setting.

Going to Bristol in March. Yes I'm a NASCAR fan, raced Street Stocks at a NASCAR sanctioned track for 12 years. Try to go to at least 1 a year.
Good to see some more progress DMW. It shouldn't be long now before the 51 is on the road right??


If I can get the mess of spaghetti under the dash sorted out, yes. I did get all the rear lights connected today. I also need to get a base for my center carb too. I got the first 2 rebuilt OK and on the last one the idle mixture screw was fused into the base. I couldn't get it out twisted it right off. The only spares I had was a BC and a B for a 216, both have different bases. Swap meet next weekend, I hope to find one there and some other goodies. Maybe I'll check out the car corral.
I work for Red Horse Racing (driver david starr the 11 truck) That was a pretty rough post race for us. lol it got rowdy. Sorry for interupting yur thread.
I love my job. I spend weeks and weeks building these trucks to just watch them be destroyed in an hour or so. LOL Its been rough this year. We have tore up more stuff this year than anywhere else i have ever worked. I head up the fab shop over there and have some rookies this year. we cant build um as fast as we wreck um.LOL I have been following your build and gotta say you have got one nice peice there. Very nice fab work. Im still awaiting my project to start. So for now i get to drool over everyone elses.
Yes, I kind of know what that's like. Thrash all week after work and Saturday night at the demo derby. O yeah fun. Did figure 8's too. :eek: Man I must have been crazy! :confused:

If you're looking for an amature fabricator well .......... :rolleyes:

Good luck on your project.
Got some more of the wiring done today. Rear lights, ignition switch and starter, headlight switch and dimmer. Started on tun signals and hazards but ran into a problem with the harness and the turn sigal switch. The wires don't match up. I'll try to post what is on the harness and signal in the electrical section to see if anybody has a solution.
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Sorry to hear about the wiring issues DMW! Hopefully it's nothing too difficult to figure out? I FINALLY got my frame ordered from Spirit. It should be here no later than next Weds. I'm really psyched up about it. Progress is a great feeling no matter how slow it seems!

Even if I don't figure it out the worst that can happen is the wires will all melt and it will burst into flames. :eek: No, I just won't have hazard lights, I think. :confused:But It's not going to break down on the side of the road anyway. ;)
Put in a Pertronix Electronic ingnition in the standard distributor. Very simple to install. I had a HEI but I hate the look on an exposed engine. Shut under a hood OK.


Put some more "Peel and Stck on the back of the cab.


Put a piece of Plywood in the bed and painted it. Put a 50cal ammo can for tools etc. I need to get one for the other side.


Got the AC gas tank mounted and would'nt you know it the gas line hole is right above the angled brace I welded on the frame. I need to get a 45 or 90 degreee fitting to fix the problem.

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Another couple of shots of the tank. I probably should check to see that it doesn't leak before I fill it all the way up.



I won't be taking any long trips wth this tank. What do you think 10 gallons?

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