1952 Chevy COE ramp truck

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Apr 8, 2010
So some of you had seen my 4 month wait for this truck to finally become mine. Short version is the 1952 COE I found was only 1.5 miles from my house on a dirt road off a back road. The owner of the farm bought it 15 years ago and had kind of used it here and there for farm work. I saw it 6 months ago and finally saw the gentleman outside back in October of 2014. He said he would entertain selling it for $500 but had to contact the old owner because he had given him first refusal if he ever sold it. Fast forward to last week after I had almost given up hope and he said it was mine if I wanted it. Over the weekend we finalized the paperwork and money and I now own it. We did get 20" of snow on tuesday so I had to go up and plow out around it. My 1 ton was not able to free it from where the earth has claimed it from siting. The farmer has a large Kabota 4x4 tractor and said he would help to get it up near the road. The the challenge of getting it down the hill to the house. Funny thing is I've already been offered $3k for it as it sits but i like it so I'll build it instead. The 85 1 ton ramp truck is the doner for chassis and bed. It has a 17' Chevron aluminum body on it. I will swap in a Cadillac 501 I have and adapt a 4L80E transmisson behind it. This thread will probably drag on for years as do most of my projects. LOL


Is this yours?


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Glad you were able to take possession.
Your plans sound like an interesting build, good luck with it.
I don't know about the years to build part tho.
Wow... That looks really solid ! especially for that price...

My only thoughts on your donor truck... It's going to need a larger wheel and tire combo to look right... Just my $.02
I like those Cab overs. But don't forget the 1950 GMC. I'm waiting to see that one running.

Hey, what's all that white stuff one the ground?
Is this yours?

That is at the yard I bought the ramp truck at. It was in western MA. They had a couple of older trucks there.

The COE will need some work in the lower hinge area on both sides. The fenders have been patched along the bottom too but I really can't argue the price.

Tire size - I have seen them running on 1 ton chevy chassis with the 16" bud wheels. Most people tuck the fender edge a little to reduce the wheel opening. One plus is I have 14 rims and tires in the 16" size from the ramp truck and another 85 chevy wrecker I parted out. I could run a 215/85/16 for a larger radius. 2nd option is to scare up a set of 8 lug 19.5 bud wheels from a motor home or P42 bread van. They are a bit more rare but get the radius a little closer to the original 20" rim and tire combo. 3rd option is to re-work the center of the COE wheels to fit the 8 lug hubs (Ala CORPO style in his build) I have 12 of the original 20" rims to play with.

I work day shift on Saturday thru Tuesday so I will have to see if the farmer can pull it up to the road for me. My buddy with the towing business has a large Peterbuilt flat bed. He said he can haul it for me but his other flat bed is down with a busted CAT only fuel line so I may have to wait a bit more. Of course the weather man says another 1' of snow Monday. Probably have to plow the feild again!:D

DJ3100 - the white stuff is rain in its cold weather transport mode...[cl
The 50 is still going. Waiting on headlight adjusters to come in so I can continue on the headlamp conversion. It is almost ready to roll under its own power now.

Thanks for all the kind words guys!
As I remember, the 19.5 tires are $300++ each. Hard to find used; still in date, with rubber left. The 215/85/16's might be more affordable? Any how, that might be a consideration.

Glad I don't have to put up with the cold weather transport stuff. The warm weather transport is enough pain.

We have the rain all weekend, but not because I'm painting. It's because it's the Phoenix Open weekend (always rains during Open). Add in the Super Bowl being here - it HAD to rain.
Well the old owner and I spent a good hour and a half getting her up out of the hole she had frozen herself into. Only took 2 rock bars, 1 sledge hammer, a 1 ton 4x4 truck and a 4x4 Kabota tractor...She is now facing the road at least. Talked to my buddy with the big tow truck and he will try to grab it at the end of the week. It is currently snowing again. Should only be about a foot or so. [P
Did I mention this build would be slow?

Well two weeks and 44" of snow later and she has finally made it the 1.5 miles down the hill to my field. I think she is in cohorts with the BMW shell, 2 junk MGB's, 90 C1500 cab and the two 35 ford cabs plotting my death...the 47 ford has separated herself from the conspiracy...[cl


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