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Here are some sideview pictures of the Juliano's piggyback signal lights. They look right or era correct with their clear glass lenses, but when I tried to take a picture of this one lit up, I didn't have the law of averages on my side. I have one pic with the light just starting to light or just shutting down out of five tries.


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I had to do more work on the headlight. It was rotated counter-clockwise [looking from the front] and aimed too high. I had to take the adjustment screws out when I put the Halogen reflector in so the only way to adjust the aim was loosen the big hold-down bolt and rock the whole pot forwards, and inwards to correct the counter-clockwise stance. I couldn't move the light far enough either way, so ended up making a plastic washer that was very convex on one side and very concave on the other, and fat on two edges and skinny on two others. Lots of time spent and nothing to show for it. Then I put more bolts in both fenders, so they're done now, except for painting. #1 up inside the rear fender. #2 from inside the box.


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Hi guys,
I have some lateral progress today, [way different than my life going sideways, again]. I wanted to make the little tin curtains that go down from the box to the running boards in front of the rear fenders. My friend, who has a metal break was away in a class studying to get his picker truck license. I always like to own tools so I thought it would be cool to make a break, so I did. It's done and test driven. I can't quite bend tin to 90 degrees over a piece of angle iron, but darn close. No pictures because some of my welds aren't pretty.
Keep on tinkering.
I took a picture of the gap between the box and the running board for you; kinda dorky like that, right? My sheet metal bender worked nicely and I made a tin curtain for the spot. I rolled the front of the tin around a piece of pipe after I put the 90 degree bend in the top, that will fit over the lip on the bottom of the box. The last picture is the tin curtain bolted in. I have since taken it back out and primed it.


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The right hand box curtain was painted, repainted and installed. [picture 1]
Then I went around to the left side and mocked up the rear fender and running board. When I got them into a nice position and twisted back to fairly straight, I started bolting them on there. The first two bolts that I put in the fender were tricky as heck because they have to go through three different things, the fender [as far away from the edge as possible], the box side, and the outside stainless-steel angle iron box floor strip [whose flat area is slightly smaller than the bolt head]. [picture 2]
It sure is lonely out here when all you viewers don't talk to me sometimes. I was reading another guys thread and he was complaining of the small amount of dialogue, too, but I didn't answer him, and I read a lot of your builds and am very guilty of not giving you much back talk. I'll have to change that. :eek::D


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I'm guilty of looking and not commenting too. :eek: I've followed your build from the start and look every time you post but have not commented...........probably just jealous of your progress. :D
The truck is looking good, keep on wrenchin' :cool:
Hi Snake Farm. Thanks for getting back to me. I felt like I was out on a vast prairie without another person around, hey wait, I am out here nearly alone. I've tricked you into believing I have made excellent progress by compressing nine winters work[;) into a few months since I've discovered RRR, the greatest forum. [ddd I am a flaming optimist, so I have promised to be at our biggest car show of the area in the middle of July with this truck. Of course, I promised that last year too.
I would comment more often... but I have trouble understanding your accent. ;)

You're doing a great job and your contributions are appreciated even if we don't say it often enough. Good luck making that show and stay dry!

Hi Dr. The only way your perception of good solid western written English could be shaky is if you read too many books written by people from down east.
Keep Dry! We've had two weeks of rain, now. I finally got to cut some grass today around my car shed and some of the grass was poking up above the hood on a riding lawnmower. You can't call that 'lawn' if the grass gets any higher.
The car show is in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, all around the Mile Zero Post of the famous Alaska High-way [some Americans call it the Al-Can High-way].
My report is, more bolts in. The back lefthand fender is fully bolted on now,[photo 1] and there is a little brace down low at the back that is in place and bolted in,[photo 2]. All these holes had to be imagineered to be in the right place because I didn't want the truck box looking like a pincushion, full of mistakes. Also all of the holes had to be filed square on the inside or the outside because the bolts are carriage bolts. Quite a time consuming chore, but really I had a town day today so I didn't get much done.
Dr. Crank, you said "keep dry", well, I saw the news today, Boy, water running everywhere, down by Calgary. I was complaining because I couldn't find my cat in the tall grass on the lawn, when some people can't find their lawn, or their lawnmower,--------- or their car that was near the lawnmower,----------or their house that was near their car. Kinda makes me look like a whining drama queen. Don't you just hate when that happens?


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Again, not much time spent on the hotrod. Arrrrgg. I have no one to blame but me. Anyhow, I have one factory running board bracket on and bolted down. It's not actually factory for this frame, this running board, this box or this cab, but Ford did make it,---- for a Model A. It looks good on there. #1 is looking up from the floor. #2 is looking straight in at the mounting triangle bolted to the frame. I had the fuel regulator bolted on the inside of the frame right there, so it will have to be reengineered.


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Now the front running board bracket, which had to be completely made and fitted so the running board will be the same distance from the cab as the other side was. I wish I didn't let other things draw me away from this project so much.
Anyhow, here's the bracket, primed, painted and fitted.


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Life is pretty much a long line of distractions. Looks like your making progress though, keep plugging away and you'll be wishing you had the next project lined up already.

Keep up the good work

Hi Kurt3.
Thank you for looking in.
I'm going to use that line, ' life is pretty much a long line of distractions'. Thanks for putting it in words,-----although I was guessing the truth before. :D
You guessed right, that I'll be done soon, but the truth is I have at least a dozen pre-projects in front of me. Next up will be a '34 Dodge Brothers truck to go under the rat surgeons massaging hands. On either side of the truck sits a '68 Super Bee and a '50 Ford coupe to chop and finish. In front of the black '36 sits a Massey-Harris tractor blown to bits. These are just the vehicles that are in the shop. There are many more in a shed and outside, so you can see that I'm a flaming optimistic dreamer and a way younger than I first appear.[S


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Hi all, I have no pictures tonight but have made a little progress. My left front and final fender is partly bolted on and fairly well lined up.

Hi Kurt3, I have done some thinking about your generous offer. :D I am a farmer so I have a lot of acres with no cars on yet. I live straight north of you, so that's cool, but probably 1700 road miles away. :eek: I have three shoebox Ford coupes for sale and I can throw in a couple of sedan parts cars. The coupes are rough, though.

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