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Sep 23, 2012
Figured id share the journey of the short box dodge im calling joe dirt!

My dad retired a few months back from his Union mechanic's job and went to work for a friend of ours at his wrecking yard part-time. Just to give him something to do since then we've gotten way too many vehicles. This little truck is one of them. Its a 1979 dodge w150 4x4 short box. Rust free (which is crazy) the interior is in good shape. It does have a dent in the front fender thatbinwill be tryimg to smooth out. I got it started after cleaning the worst carb is have ever seen and changing out the ignition tumbler.

They guys we got it from knew the owner. He bought it in 1980 from the original owner, drove it on and off for 6 years and parked it inside. I was the 39,??? Odometer is correct!

Somenpics and a first clean up video


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Worked on the dodge alittle today. New master cylinder and lower rad hose. Also did an oil change. Still meed to fill the radiator up to see if it has any suprise leaks!! Lets hope not.
Ordered cap,rotor,spark plugs and wires and some nee glass pack so I can remove the side pipes
Very cool...

My dad had a 1989 Cummins Diesel and then just before he died he had a 2001 Cummins Diesel...I had a slant 6 1981 version of the same thing...awesome awesome trucks...

Looks like you got a winner there for sure...

Thanks for sharing....

Dodge diesels are at the top of the stack!

:rolleyes: Confession time. :eek:

I might be a diehard Chevy guy but Dodge is right close behind it. Don't tell any of the Chevy guys out there. :D
Joe did some acid today!! Well used ut to take a bath. Looks much better. Waiting on calipers, but it does run and move


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