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Thank you, Guys, for your kind words. In this particular case, my loss of memory was really bad, because I couldn't even take the 'Z' block back off again once I realized that I had two roll pins in there end to end. You have to drive the pin down and there is no room to drive two pins before you hit the top of the extension housing. Anyhow, surgery was performed and successful.
Tripper, Now -- you tell me how to find a lost thing. --- Actually that's exactly what happened.
Here's a picture of the cab floor almost back together again. And the shifting has been tested. And I'm still grinning.


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How long should it take to install the driven gear of a speedo set? About a minute?
Well, it takes a little longer if it's the wrong part. I had not tried it in the extension housing because I thought I would be taking the tranny all apart again. So today when I plopped it in there I was surprised to find it about 5/8" too long. The intricate little gizmo cannot be just sawed off, either. I couldn't find parts of the old piece so I ended up rebuilding the new piece. Anyhow, that one minute job took all afternoon, but it's done.


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The speedometer cable had to bend fairly sharply before, to get around the brake booster, so now that the driven gear housing is sticking out quite a bit further, the speedo cable has to kink even more. One solution would be to mount a corner drive in the speedo cable. It just so happens that I bought two of those angle-drives at the big swap-meet. One of them was for a big truck, so not for this application, but the other was pretty good except for one mounting position, [where you should screw on the cable nut]. The seller had lathed down the male threads and mounted a brass bushing on that end. It didn't work for him and it certainly wouldn't work for me. I robbed the male threads out of another old speedo drive and made it fit this corner drive and pressed it together. [pic one]
[pic two] is the corner drive installed.
[pic three] is most of the truck put back together, like the crossmember, exhaust and driveshaft.


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After tightening the last bolts, checking the fluid levels, filling the transmission and boosting the battery a wee bit, I backed this project out of the shop. I've been looking forward to this moment for quite a while.
Tomorrow, I'll test-drive it and bring in the next project.


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Thank you, Guys.
Old Stuff, those corner drives are rare, or I haven't seen one before, so when I saw two for sale at a recent swap-meet I grabbed them. When scrounging around on the internet I found that a taxi company still makes and sells those little speedometer cable transmissions to change the speed, so I suppose they might sell those corner-drives too.
Anyhow, I took the '36 out for a test-drive yesterday and ----- it failed miserably. The speedo needle lay helplessly dead at the bottom of the guage through the whole trip.
I noticed that the old fuel pump was leaking gas, also. I have an electric pump by the gas tank but I left the old pump plumbed into the system [with one valve removed] to look authentic. It looks like some replumbing will work. Well there goes my [fake] authenticity.
I'm going to A&W tonight anyhow.
You wouldn't by chance have the wrong gear would you Mac? There is two different gear designs, one for the right side of the transmission and one for the left. Difference is the way the teeth slope. I think some top loaders take the right hand gear, C4 and AOD take the left one. Not sure on the T5, but I think it's the left gear.
OI and Bama, you both have good suggestions to add to my sleuthing. So far I haven't worried about it enough and haven't looked at anything. Bama, the driven gear comes out of the left-hand side of the extension housing on this T-5, if that's what you mean about right and left.
Since it's on the left, it should be the same gear as a C4 IIRC.

I ran into having the wrong gear once. Don't know where it came from, but I was trying to use a right side gear on the left side. It went in the hole, but first trip it stripped all the plastic teeth off.

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