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Nov 24, 2011
Downtown Hooper, CO
I sold my '56 Ford Fairlane to a guy who offered to pay what I asked...:D I bought a '71 Mustang coupe from a friend because he made me a deal in order to see what I will do to/with it. It already has the front suspension/engine/transmission/rear end stuff taken care of, so at least I can save some time and money compared to my last few builds. A little body work, paint, and interior work should give it a whole new attitude. Then for all the small, nitpicky stuff to make it think like I do.:)


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Made progress

Between stupid hours at work and a bout with Covid, I got the Mustang painted and new upholstery installed. Now I just need to rebuild the steering box to stop it from bleeding.


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This car is for sale. It's a very nice car, has lots of new parts, but it just isn't "me". If you know anyone interested in a really nice 1971 Mustang, have them contact me at [email protected]. I need to sell it in order to build something older and not so shiny.


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