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Nov 5, 2015
Made a couple fenders for an Allis Chalmers tractor. I don`t know anything about those other than they made really cool crawlers. The fenders are 16ga steel.
This little tractor is under restoration now and by the looks of the fenders it was about time too... :p The owner promised to send me a picture of the finished project... [P


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Thanks for the thumbs up guys.

Real nice rebuild on those Allis fenders.[;) What Allis are they off of? I had an AC-WD.

I don`t have a clue... All I saw are these rusty parts.

Clamshell fenders are really hard to make, so very few companies make them. And here you make it look so easy.
Keep on tinkering, Dutch.

They are not too complicated to make but the problem with those tractor panels is the material thickness. The difference between shaping 19ga and 16ga is enormous. Had they been 19ga, I would probably have made them in one piece.
Awesome work Dutch, I would love to spend a week in your shop watching you do your magic and maybe learn a few things. [cl[cl

I would say you know how the magic works ,Dozer... Just swing the hammer and once the experience-bin starts filling less quick, you`re doing fine. ;)

Beautiful work Dutch. You always make it looks so easy, and we all appreciate how difficult it is.

thanks Bill

Incredible work! Those aren't tractor parts, they're works of art!

You definitely made it look easy. I'm amazed.

Thanks snopro. They are tractor parts.... :D

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