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Mar 27, 2010
Syracuse N.Y.
Hi guys, I haven't been on here in a while due to a heavy work load but thought ya might like to see what we just finished. A guy came to us last winter and said he wanted to build a asphalt Mod for the street kinda old school but with LS power. Said he wanted to be able to just turn the key and go. OK, Finally something fun to build!!!! well this is what we came up with. Oh, its a 600hp 6spd Rocket.


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A bit more.


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Between the race car and a 37 Ford we are doing and a few other projects I have not had time to sit, but now that its getting cold I can come in a little earlier and relax.:rolleyes:
Thanks guys, good to be back seeing and catching up a bit on what I have missed.
Ya that's a Pinto, sorta. I widened it 10" and put a Firebird tail light panel in it.
The rest of the sheet metal is standard modified alum panels. The doors are all hand made and work really good.
It has head/tail/turn /brake and parking and reverse lights, windshield wipers, horns, everything to make it legal and is registered as a Pinto.
We haven't had it out on the road "legaly" yet but have put a few miles on it testing and it is like driving a giant go kart. Its going to be a monster power house that I cannot ever imagine finding out what to real top speed will be.
Scare the hell outa me I know that but what a blast through the gears.
Glad to see ya post again.
Been watching Skull build there's. Those street legal race cars look like a ball to drive.

one more for ya, built on a 1969 chassis, my friends red street legal sprint car he also uses as a push vehicle at the dirt track.

the white one's chassis was built by the same man who did the red one and that night he ran a few tribute laps in her and then retired it to the museum, l was there and it looked cool to see the red car out push starting the white one,

two pieces of history right there.

us at Seaside 0regon car show 2O15.

now back to your'e regularly scheduled thread.

Later :cool:


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This little match box car was all we had to go by building this thing but he said he wanted it as close to it as we could get.:rolleyes: Look close on top of the tire.


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