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Well my carcaine problem showed it's ugly head again this weekend. Here's a little backstory, couple months ago I lost a drive line on the bronco at 65 mph on the freeway. Not sure if I shared that or not. So I had a new driveline built with a bigger CV joint which has a little more flex to it. But ever since that happened I've had this odd vibration, different vibration than it had before. Well a couple weeks ago I put a digital dash in it to replace the factory dash that is slowly been dying on me. Well when I put the oil pressure sending unit in the back of the block I found that the transmission bell housing was broken. Cracked all the way across the top of it. I'm assuming it happened when that driveline cracked loose and shock loaded the transmission.

So my fabricator brain started going crazy. I have another C6 for this setup. But I want to change the way it's mounted and drop it down just a little bit to try and get better driveline angle. I think when I swap this motor in and used the l&l motor mounts it actually makes the front of the motor sit down a little bit farther which entail picks up the tail shaft and makes things not work properly with each other. It's always had a little bit of a harmonic vibration when you're on and off the throttle. Also the rear main had started seeping a little bit on the motor so I had to pull everything out of it to fix these problems anyway, so why not go full dumb dumb and do a coyote swap!

Here we are after a weekend of shenanigans. I bought a 60,000 mile pull out 2016 Gen 2 coyote with a 6r 86 speed. The adapter should be here in a week or so to put my case behind the 6r80. Got the 460 out of the bronco and sold. Also got all the old motor mounts out. Started cleaning up everything I'm going to go through all the wiring underneath the hood. Pretty much only thing I'll be missing by the end of the week I believe is the harness. I kind of want to get everything in the truck and mounted and ready to go and then I'll wire it. I know I have lots of projects going on but this is one that the wife and kids and I use a lot so I'm trying to get it back on the road as soon as possible. It will be moving in and out of the shop trading places with the van on the weekends so I can work on it Friday Saturday and still get customer stuff done during the week


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Goodies. I got my adapter. Also got motor mounts. I will be building my own after all. The factory mounts will be used but the brackets won't.


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So I started drawing up motor mounts last night. Hey buddy of mine in town who does a bunch of swaps both LS and coyote had a set from a manufacturer that sells quite a few of them. So I am reverse engineering them and drawing them up. Hopefully he will start buying them from me now hahaha. That plate I started with mounts to for factory holes on the bronco/ truck frame. The little tab that sticks out gets bent at like 15° and then you drill one new hole in the frame and put that bolt in there. I will start drawing up the plates that go on the coyote tonight


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Machined my adapter today!! Well I used a machine, not sure I knew what I was doing ahahaha


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Pulled the bronco in today and got some wiring cleaned up. Also removed the factory transmission crossmember. I will be building my own! Also removed a few of the old fuel lines since I won't be reusing them. I ordered my Holley fuel system in a box. Pump,line,filters and all the fittings I need. I hope to get the mounts cut out tomorrow and see if she fits!!!
Also got my new (old ) wheels mounted up today🤤🤤.
I got all the old wiring off the coyote also. Looks way cleaner hahaha


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The coyote has landed!!! We got the plasma table cutting right again. It needed some updates and some other attention. Got the mounts cut out. Made a few small changes to them, but they work!!

Also test for a wheel!!!


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