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Skull Master
May 11, 2007
Fruita, Colorado
Probably the longest build on this site. I started this build many years back. The build was commissioned, as a work on it as I had the time kind of build. And my time got super occupied. Since I started this build, I built the SEMA Jeep, TOXIC. I also built Sinister Sally for my Brother. I just worked on a big house project in Aspen for two years. But on top of that my Art career took off in a major fashion. I have done some monumental large sculpture pieces for public art, and am currently working on a very large sculpture project. But I have been feeling bad about not getting work done on the 50 Willys truck, Bogey Man. So the owner from out of state, and I , came up with a plan where I would take a week off from everything else, and he would come and help with the project. So we spent the last week working on his truck in my shop. As you may recall, this was a 50 Willys that I had gathered up years before as a potential build. Custom chassis, 4 link rear, coils, disks, One ton axles, but no longer 4x4, but a narrowed 14 bolt rear, 472 Caddy. Turbo 400, 3 inch chop in the front, 5 inch chop in the rear. (yes that is right), and a removable hard top.


  • boogeyman on lift.jpg
    boogeyman on lift.jpg
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  • boogeyman front.jpg
    boogeyman front.jpg
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  • boogeyman hood.jpg
    boogeyman hood.jpg
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  • boogyman top.jpg
    boogyman top.jpg
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  • boogyman roof.jpg
    boogyman roof.jpg
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  • boogeyman brakes.jpg
    boogeyman brakes.jpg
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  • boogeyman headers.jpg
    boogeyman headers.jpg
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  • boogeyman rearend.jpg
    boogeyman rearend.jpg
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  • boogeyman intake.jpg
    boogeyman intake.jpg
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  • boogeyman fire extinguisher.jpg
    boogeyman fire extinguisher.jpg
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  • boogeyman exhaust.jpg
    boogeyman exhaust.jpg
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  • boogeyman dash 1.jpg
    boogeyman dash 1.jpg
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more details


  • boggie man rear fenders.jpg
    boggie man rear fenders.jpg
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  • willys fire wall.jpg
    willys fire wall.jpg
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  • willys flare die.jpg
    willys flare die.jpg
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  • boogyman rear.jpg
    boogyman rear.jpg
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  • boogy axle.jpg
    boogy axle.jpg
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  • boogie man fenders top.jpg
    boogie man fenders top.jpg
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more details


  • boogeyman a headers .jpg
    boogeyman a headers .jpg
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  • boogeyman a side.jpg
    boogeyman a side.jpg
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  • boogyman a outside.jpg
    boogyman a outside.jpg
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  • boogyman a side.jpg
    boogyman a side.jpg
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  • boogyman a visor.jpg
    boogyman a visor.jpg
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