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is that what they mean by back halving a car
Rofl! It sold for a whopping $456. ha ha ha....but on a more serious note that guy should be shot hung and ****ed on! all these so called "rat rods" are just a total waste of good vintage sheet metal worst being that blazer they literally sliced a nice old body in half!....hopefully the buyer was able to pick up the parts that were cut off that '40 ford (probably 4 dr.) when he picked it up and is talented enough to piece it back together as a chopped two door, tub or something actually cool lol! and although i'm not a big fan of "shorties" they are pretty traditional especially with '55 -7 chevys
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I was looking for a manual gm steering gear box on ebay the other day and a guy had a 69 Camaro box he wanted $650 for!! CL wasn't much better. Everybody thinks these older car parts are gold anymore. Plus, some of the stuff they stick RatRod on is just plain stupid.
After that horrible back window, I think the rear fender is pretty bad too. There seem to be a lot of little things that throw off the proportions even after that. Uhg! And what's the most painful is how much time and effort was clearly spent on it just too come up so short.

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