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65 degrees and sunny yesterday; no way I could go to work so I called in and spent the day on the rat. I'm having to use a 50 door on the drivers side but had to put the 54 guts in it. The door itself is the same but nothing matched up as far as window regulater and latch/handle mounting so a good part of the day spent making it work. Also finished wiring up the fuel pump, cooling fan, got the exhaust put on and some other minor things done including burning a hole in the seat with the plasma cutter.:mad::mad:
Nice project, Falconvan. What ever works for your build is half the fun.
My roadster is Dodge body, Ford frame and running gear, and Chevy engine and tranny.
And whatever else works (current gas tank from a diesel something) ....:D
Welcome to "the site" and keep posting the progress photos. '22

My rat 31 is 31 frame and body, 63 Dodge front axle, steering box and column, and 87 Lincoln rear end. These parts were taken from stuff headed for the grinder. I llike your project also, Falconvan:D
Well, first test run complete and other than really spongy brakes it went pretty good. A few weekends to button up some little things like wood for the bed, replace the master cylinder, put in the corner windows, and lay a floormat and I guess it's about done. Then I'm going to put the interior in my sons Firebird and take a few months off to collect parts for my 48 Plymouth, sell some stuff, and get the garage cleaned out. Here's how she came out in the end.


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Cleaned up the truck and did a few short trips around town. I've got a few small things to finish and some minor bugs but I'm pretty happy for a 60 year old drivetrain. Definately not going anywhere fast but a fun little cruzer. I was going to sell it to finance another project but I think I'll keep it until the fall and enjoy it.


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You're right, earthman. This is the first rat I've built and it was pretty fun. Plus I used a bunch of stuff that had been laying around the garage forever so the cost was pretty low. Definately improved my fabrication skills.
Man, this thing has been a total blast this past week. I've got a few bugs to work out like a leaky water pump and the carb seriously needs rebuilt, but I've had it out cruizing several times. I picked up a piece of birch plywood and stained it for the bed, added a boneyard spotlight, and got the brakes adjusted right this week.


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